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Bongbong Marcos to Media: Let the Philippine President Rule the Country


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

If Nikki Haley did not say this through the media; “Give Duterte space to run the Philippines,” Bongbong Marcos already said that in another way; Let the Philippine President do what he thinks is right for the country. After all, they both have one message. Allow the president to lead and rule the nation according to his discretion.

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“Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it is awfully hard to get it back in.”

The uproar and fierce controversy resulting from an opinion in one publication about the US Ambassador to the UN’s alleged statement prompts the author to explain his side. It is something that is true based on factual research. However, there was no confirmation that Haley said it word to word. Since it is out, he cannot erase it. He said; I look at the controversy over Nikki Haley in the same spirit. Now that the idea is out of the bag (that Du30 should be given space), it’s going to be hard to erase it from the minds of his supporters.

Bongbong Marcos Said the Same Thing

Most liberal media put a label on it as Fake News. However, analytical media practitioners believe that such disclosure is a common opinion among the true democratic figures. Bongbong Marcos said this in a different way when he was asked about his opinion on the President’s decision to declare Martial Law in Mindanao.

Enrile Highlights the Job of the President

Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is also noted for some lines with the same context as Marcos. He stresses that it is the job of the President to decide on the best thing to do in every situation for the good of his people. That’s the job of the President, the wise man said.


Media vs. Social Media

Popular public opinion can easily be measured through social media. No matter how biased media do their one-sided campaign, social media can always dispute it at once. Most journalists who have no diverse knowledge on how online publications work can only blame the trolls and call unfavorable articles as Fake. The rule is simple. A verifiable news is not a fake nor a work of trolls.

‘You cannot put the toothpaste or Nikki Haley back in the tube’

1 thought on “Bongbong Marcos to Media: Let the Philippine President Rule the Country

  1. I have spoken many times saying ” give PRRD chance to run the country instead of rallying against his system !!! Let him run !! he knows better than any other in the government !!! He want to stop corruptions, illegal drugs & want a better Philippines for everyone ! Let him lead the way @FOR GOD SAKE”!!!!

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