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Bongbong Marcos vs Leni Robredo VP Election Recount Now Pushes Through


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ election protest determines the “rise or fall” of Vice President Leni Robredo at the expense of Marcos. The results of the recount in the provinces of Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental are the key factors of his protest. Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Bernadette Sardillo said that if the recount in these pilot provinces of Marcos shows that there’s no discrepancy with the official tally, then the dismissal of Marcos’ protest is immediate. However, Marcos loyalists also demand that if it is otherwise, Robredo must vacate the OVP at once.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: The collection of ballot boxes starts at Camarines Sur which is one of Bongbong Marcos’ pilot provinces for the recount.

Retrieval of Ballot Boxes in Camarines Sur

Sardillo admits that the recount of votes in three of 25 provinces where Bongbong Marcos is confident that cheating in favor of Vice President Leni Robredo blocks his victory can put a rest on Marcos' election protest. The ballot boxes from the district one and two of Camarines Sur are now in the Pili Comelec Office. This is necessary prior to their transport to Manila.

Plus-Minus Speculation

It is remembered that Senator Chiz Escudero lost 36,442 votes during the 2016 VP race; at the same time when Liberal Party bet Leni Robredo’s numbers rose to 35,000. Clean election advocate and IT expert, Glenn Chong speculates that a plus-minus scheme is evident here. That is “dagdag-bawas” in Filipino.

Close Watch

The camps of Robredo and Marcos are on vigil while the logistics are ongoing.  Official results of the vice presidential race in Camarines Sur showed that Robredo got 664,190 votes (85 percent) to Marcos’ 41,219 (5 percent). Robredo is not the only VP bet from Bicol at that time. Former Senator Gregorio Honasan, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Senator Chis Escudero all have family ties in the Bicol region. This makes it very suspicious that a mediocre politician like Robredo can have that much votes.

Let the Recount of Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest Begin for Cam Sur

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