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Bongbong-Sara: No other Way for BBM’s Solid North


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong-Sara: No Other Way for the Solid North
BBM’s solid north will not have it the other way around. It’s Bongbong-Sara or nothing at all. Mayor Sara is very capable but she will be a good president 6 years from now. She is also a lot younger than Marcos. Her time will come, they said.

Survey Topnotchers

The good news is, Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio are topnotchers in the surveys for the top positions. BBM’s solid north and Mayor Sara’s solid south can make them the ultimate winners in the 2022 presidential and Vice-presidential elections. Government detractors like Manny Pacquiao and Mayor Isko Moreno are far behind them.

Likely to Win

President Rodrigo Duterte announces that he would run for Vice President. This is if his daughter will not run. He wants to continue what he has started, he said. However, knowing the president, this is just his way of securing his daughter’s place. He could file the VP candidacy first, for Inday Sara’s substitution later on. Earlier, Senator Imee Marcos confirms that her brother is going around for his presidential candidacy. That leaves Mayor Sara in the VP spot for the winning tandem.

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  1. yes Bbm for President

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