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Bongbong-Sara: The Uniteam that Breaks all the Nation’s Spells with Love for the Next 50 Years


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: The very first uniteam gathering of Bongbong-Sara Supporters in Tagum, Davao Del Norte.

Bongbong-Sara First Uniteam Meet

Presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos and his running mate Sara Duterte gather for the first time ever. This is with their supporters in Tagum City, Davao del Norte. Marcos is the standard-bearer of Partido Federal ng Pilipinas. Whereas Duterte is with the Lakas-CMD. She is now the chairwoman of the said Party. Martin Romualdez is its President. He is Marcos’s cousin. Thus, publicly shows their strongest force in the country despite the president’s indifference. Therefore, it cements the Bongbong-Sara alliance. So, speculate no more.

The Supporters’ Love

Marcos thanks the supporters who made the Bongbong-Sara joint event happened. He said that because of their love, the tandem made in heaven pushed through. They surpassed the most difficult hindrance already. Now, they only have to concentrate on their political platform for their campaign.

Governing for the Next 50 Years

The supporters are also grateful for Inday Sara’s choosing Marcos instead of her father’s bet. This renders the opposition politically inconsequential. Then, a two-party system under a federal form of government can happen. As a result, the PFP and Lakas get the numbers in the next Congress. Thus, uniting Filipinos with a clear and overwhelming majority, President, in 50 years.

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