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Boxer to Senator: Pacquiao’s Faithful Legacy

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is evident that many people don’t quite understand Manny Paquiao’s goal of getting a higher position in the public office for public service when he is already blessed with so much money from the boxing arena. He is running for senator in the upcoming 2016 election.

His intentions or like other people say; ambition can be very confusing to those individuals whose aim in life is to just make more money. On the other hand, it can be very clear to those people who understand the purpose of their life better and to those who are happy to help others. It cannot be denied that true happiness can be felt when making a difference in the life of the less fortunate.

Qualification wise with experience, education, attitude and status, Manny Pacquiao is very qualified to serve as senator. It can only be questionable to some of his closest kin, friends or fellow Filipinos knowing his humble beginning – that he can achieve as high as he want to be status wise in service to the people with the divine guidance from above. They probably have to practice their faith to be as blessed as Manny. From boxer to senator, why not?

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  1. qualification wise. experience, education, attitude and status, he is VERY qualified to serve as senator. We need a senator who is sympathetic to the needy countrymen. As a rich man, he cannot be bought or be bribed by anomalous leaders for he is God-fearing and God conscious.
    It is unfortunate that many elect lawyers and highly educated senators but not conscious of God and faithful to their party affiliation. Manny P is a legacy to the senate. Heads high, I will vote for him.

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