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Browsers for Android Phones

By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Photo of Samsung Vibrant
English: Photo of Samsung Vibrant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many smartphone users now opt for Android touch screen phones because aside from looking chick like iPhones, they are also user-friendly – especially with their efficient connectivity with Google. Since free apps are available in the Google apps store, Android users can take advantage of the latest applications without spending more money. They are not only handy and useful but also inexpensive to maintain. Here’s the top five browsers for Android phones:


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What will you do with a high end gadget when you cannot take advantage of its functionality due to budget constraints? Android phones are basically just the choice for “smart” phone users and it should be equipped with a matching browser. Technical people in the computer business know this – so better not get hooked with stylish advertising campaigns. Great “lifestyle” can materialize when you know how to choose the best among the rest to support your needs.¬†

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