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Budget: What will it Take for the Sitting VP to Run for President?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Ogie Diaz

Ogie Diaz interviews the sitting Vice President

The Budget in the Vice President’s Office

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, the presumptive Vice President explains how she operates the OVP with a limited budget. She said that she relies on donations. Leni Robredo does not accept cash. They have an agency that handles it for transparency. At this point, she can’t decide to run for President unless her party supports her.

The Protest Filed by the Marcoses?

Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against her still awaits ruling from the Supreme Court. Not the whole Marcos clan. But one Marcos VP candidate in 2016. She has not paid the whole counter protest fee of 15 Million yet. She lacks 7.5 million for it. Her supporters were able to raise the amount but the SC rejects it. So, they use the amount in a housing project in Marawi.

Love Affair

Robredo said that she cannot imagine having another man other than her husband. She is only looking forward to be a grandmother. But it seems that her daughters do not have plans yet. This is contrary to the President’s reminder that if she runs for President, he will divulge where she goes home at night.

1 thought on “Budget: What will it Take for the Sitting VP to Run for President?

  1. All OFW’s especially in the year 2016 who had seen the disciplinary action in economic successful countries voted for Duterte for presidency and Bongbong for vice presidency. BongBong Marcos was the 1st politician who helped an OFW victim of “tanim bala” in November 2012.

    FUNNY! I like your video. Tax-payers from within and outside the Philippines paid taxes and contributed donation for fellow Tax-payers in-need out of principle “love one another” by Christ who emphasized the importance taxes and government. But for corrupt officials and politicians like Leni Robredo and her “yellow” team kept promoting anti-governments by donating money to non-tax-payers like the Communist members. Also, involved in stealing thru buying votes knowing that she’s not known internationally speaking confirmed by local news and witnesses.

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