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Build Build Build: Cory Refused Marcos’ Gold Reserves But NOT Duterte

Build Build Build project

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bagong Lipunan

Duterte Follows the Blue Print of Marcos’ Build Build Build
The return of Marcos’ wealth to the country has two meanings. The late President Ferdinand Marcos meant the transfer. Whereas his detractors perceive it as the payback for his alleged loots. However, they can never nail down the Marcoses after more than 30 years. So, President Rodrigo Duterte takes the initiative to make use of the gold reserves as what Marcos intended them to be. Build Build Build project is an example.

Doy Laurel’s Testimony in a Book

From Doy Laurel’s Neither Trumpets Nor Drums book, at pp 104-111, 1986 ed, Second printing: “Let us give national reconciliation and national stability every chance to succeed for the sake of our fragmented people,” Marcos plead. I never received any further reply from Cory, Laurel said. Cory’s refusal to receive Marcos’ message was perhaps her biggest mistake. Had she studied it carefully, she could have settled the Marcos wealth issue eight years ago. Perhaps we could have paid off our foreign debt, Cory’s Vice President added.

Infrastructure Financial Facility

Arguments as to where the funding of the Build Build Build project comes from looms. One thing is for sure, it follows Marcos’ national infrastructure strategy. There’s evidence that it also makes use of the public financial system set up by the late president with the World Bank is evident. Contractors and consultants get their checks from the ADB. The Asian Development Bank works with the World Bank to support third world countries with infrastructure projects for the benefit of the people. Given that the Philippines enjoy an almost zero percent interest, proves that the country’s gold reserves deposited by Marcos are intact.

1 thought on “Build Build Build: Cory Refused Marcos’ Gold Reserves But NOT Duterte

  1. now it can be told the REAL truth will comes out Let the people knows it’s the MARCOS gold is funding the BUILD, BUILD, BUILD project of present admin
    The truth will set US free!!

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