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Cal Newport – Master New Skills on top of Passion for Financial Gains

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
We all have to find our place in the work arena for livelihood and we always get the advice to find what you wanted to do then you do not have to work anymore. It’s true – doing your passion while working will not feel like work but if you have not found that money making skills yet, then go ahead and learn it.

As Cal Newport puts it: But what happens to those of us who can’t easily identify a passion to follow — particularly younger people pondering college majors or just entering the workforce for the first time? Or what if we are passionate about something, but it just doesn’t match well with a career that would actually make us happy? This might prompt a lifetime of dissatisfaction with career options that we don’t see as aligning with our passion, or even long stretches of unemployment because we refuse to settle for something that doesn’t fit in with what we think of as that passion. Click here for the full podcast:

The Art of Charm continued: Cal gives the example of an entry-level quality assurance tester who got tired of the repetitive nature of her job. Rather than settling into a passion mindset and giving up on the job as being a poor fit for her ambitions, she instead approached the situation with a craftsman mindset. She learned how to code scripts and create a software process that more efficiently completed the tedious part of her workflow and simultaneously increased her career capital. Then, she was able to turn around and invest this career capital for a better position at her company, leveraged with some other perks that made the job more attractive to her.


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