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Can Any of the Predictions of Nostradamus be True for 2023?


By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: Some of Nostradamus’ Predictions already came True

Nostradamus’ Predictions include War in 2023

Hitler’s invasion of Poland, and the 9/11 incident already happened. Another world war can break out that would last for 7 months, according to his alleged book. The possible cause is the conflicts of many nations. That’s why sensible nations are very careful in triggering such disagreements because of the said predictions.

End of Mars Dream

Elon Musk dreams of joining its maiden voyage to Mars. Once his youngest children are more grown up, the visionary CEO can imagine participating in a colonizing mission to the red planet.¬† The billionaire wants to build a self-sustaining city on the planet in the coming decades. But Nostradamus’ manuscript reveals that such predictions would not be possible.

Cannibalism and More

Cannibalism, the Pope scandals, civil wars, and financial crises worldwide are now happening to some extent. The new King of England took over already in 2022 which was part of the said manuscript. So, better be careful than sorry. World War 3 can really happen if leaders are not careful.

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