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Can Anyone Do it Like Toni Gonzaga when it Comes to Bongbong Marcos?

Toni Gonzaga

By: Elena Grace Flores



The Presidential Belief of Toni Gonzaga

It must be hard for Toni Gonzaga working at ABS-CBN despite having her family’s heart to Bongbong Marcos. However, she did it professionally. She is finally free after hosting the BBM-Sara Uniteam proclamation rally. Nonetheless, Senatorial bet Mark Villar tweets that they are behind her 100%.

The Villars are 100% Behind Her

The Villars acquired ABS-CBN’s 2 channels. Toni Gonzaga can easily become one of their media’s foundations. This opportunity came really handy for the station and the talent. This is definitely not a coincidence but nature’s reward for timely good deeds. If other ABS-CBN stars condemn her for standing her ground, the majority of Filipinos admire her for her fearless discretion.

Family Relations

Toni Gonzaga’s husband, Paul Soriano is a relative of Bongbong Marcos’ wife, Liza Araneta Marcos. This is on top of being their wedding godfather. So, even if she gets a reward, nothing can pay her sacrifices in the cancel culture against her. As she said, the biggest betrayal is for a person to cancel herself or himself. That’s true and she really has the wisdom.

3 thoughts on “Can Anyone Do it Like Toni Gonzaga when it Comes to Bongbong Marcos?

  1. Ako hindi naniniwala na may ninakaw ang mga Marco’s, kahit anong BBM ako pati pamilya ko kasalukuyan isa akong Leader ng BBM-SARA UNITEAM

  2. Hindi lng nila matanggap na sila’y talunan at mahal ng taumbayan ang mga Marcoses.

  3. Bale-wala lahat ang pagbibintang nila, ang korte ang nakaka-alam ng katotohanan dahil pinag – isipan at pinag-ubusan ng panahon ang paghanap sa totoo. Ang ibinibintang sa mga Marcoses ay totoo lang kung ang korte na ang magsasabi nito.

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