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Can Bongbong Marcos Get Enough Support as He Pushes for Caguioa to Inhibit from his Protest?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos asks the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET to inhibit Supreme Court (SC) Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa as justice-in-charge or ponente of his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. Many Filipinos wonder why the questionable VP is still counter-protesting Marcos when she actually fails to pay in full her counter-protest fee? This among others are the biases of the magistrate involved, said Marcos.

Youtube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Enough of Justice Caguioa’s bias. Watch as former Senator Bongbong Marcos lays down the many reasons why he filed a Motion to Inhibit Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Caguioa from further taking charge of his election protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

Anti-Bongbong Marcos Wife

The Marcos camp discovers that Caguioa’s wife is an anti-Marcos advocate. Not only that but Pier Angela Caguioa is also a staunch supporter of Leni Robredo. She has even campaigned for her in the 2016 elections actively. This is what Marcos tells the PET in a motion on the bias of Justice Caguioa against him. He also cites messages from the Viber chat group of Mrs. Caguioa.

The Conjugal Conspiracy Leak

Former Councilor Tony Boy Tabora of Baguio City has posted a video with the title “The Conjugal Conspiracy”. This has gone viral with over 312k views and 8.8k shares as of August 4, 2018. The Viber messages are documented in a video.


Motion to Inhibit Caguioa

To quote some of the messages from Mrs. Caguioa’s Viber chat. “If BBM wins and if he wins because of the youth, it’ll be the failure of our generation. We were the main catalysts of EDSA 1 and yet we failed to impart its lessons upon the generation that followed us” she said. Marcos also notes this in his motion. He says that this reveals the ardent support that Mrs. Caguioa has for Leni Robredo.

The Electoral Rules for the Protest

There are also rules that prohibit a justice from participation in determining the case if any member of his family is associated in the case in any manner. Furthermore, he is also aware of the fraternal bond Justice Caguioa shares with former President Benigno Aquino III. They have been classmates back from elementary until college in the Ateneo de Manila University. This bond is what made former president Aquino appoint Caguioa to the SC.

Other Biases

Marcos also cites several PET resolutions that show bias on Caguioa’s part, and caused delays on the ruling of his poll protest. A resolution issued on March 21, 2017, required him to pay P66.22 million as cash deposit for his poll protest. This resolution was received by his lawyers only on April 10, 2017, which is only a few days before holy week. He only had four days to pay half the amount else his protest would be scrapped. While on Robredo’s case, on the other hand, She still hasn’t paid the entirety of her cash deposit. Quoting Marcos, “In light of the clear and convincing evidence of bias, partiality and prejudice exhibited by Associate Justice Caguioa and Mrs. Caguioa in favor of Robredo, and the continued presence and participation of Associate Justice Caguioa as the ponente of the case are gross violations of the protestant’s Constitutional right to due process of law,” This is why Marcos appeals for public support.

2 thoughts on “Can Bongbong Marcos Get Enough Support as He Pushes for Caguioa to Inhibit from his Protest?

  1. Layas ka na Caguioa mahiya ka naman lahat ng curse ng tao mangyari sa yong pamilya iligtas mo ang pangalan mo wagka gumaya.. matanda kana gumawa ka ng tama

  2. Yes Caguioa clearly delays the protest of BBM and clear as the skies above that this culprit is biased…

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