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Can DQ Petitioners Present Evidence for their Claim against Bongbong Marcos On Time?


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Comelec denied the motion of petitioners vs. extension to present evidence on their accusations vs. BBM.

Evidence for Tax Evasion Claim

The petitioners did not get an extension from the Comelec to present their evidence of tax evasion claim against BBM. They hope to disqualify him but it seems cloudy at the moment. News articles can’t stand in court as evidence. As a government official, withholding taxes were automatically deducted from Bongbong Marcos’s salary. Non-filing is the only issue here but the government should be responsible for it. Therefore, other accusations are baseless.

Prompt Answer from Bongbong Marcos’s Camp

The Comelec said that the rights of both parties are respected. Marcos complied by answering the petitioners’ claim 3 days before the expiration of his extended deadline. However, the poll body cannot give the same to the petitioners so as not to delay the process. Such extension is normally granted if there’s a merit of the case. So, this is likely going to the trash.

Confusing Anti-Marcos Media Claims

The anti-Marcos media headlines are very confusing. They made them look like Comelec junks Marcos’s reply to the petition. When it is the petitioners who are petitioning without concrete evidence. The Comelec knows that it would be impossible to back their claims. So, their motion to extend their deadline to find and present acceptable evidence was denied.

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