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Can President Du30 Influence the Supreme Court on Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest?

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By: Elena Grace Flores

At present, the revision in Iloilo is already finished for the initial recount of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against the presumptive VP Leni Robredo. Up next, is the 400 ballot boxes from Camarines Sur. This is estimated to be finished in about a week. Next, will be the 1,284 ballot boxes from Negros Oriental. The Supreme Court can then make their decision on the 3 pilot provinces before the half of the year 2019. Meanwhile, with worries about cancer, President Rodrigo Du30’s word on resigning seems at hand. If Marcos wins his protest he sees him as one of the better-qualified public figures to succeed him, if not the most capable one.

YouTube video by Innovation Philippines

[VIDEO]: President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday skipped an event at Malacañang, but the Palace did not provide any reason for him being absent at a PAGCOR event.

Election Protest Timeline

The revision of the ballots from Negros Oriental is expected to be finished by November. Next on the timeline, would be the presentation of evidence. This can be started by January. Consequently, if the whole of January will be given to BBM and February is given to Robredo, for the presentation of their evidence, the appreciation stage of the proceedings can be started by March. If PET will be quick with the appreciation stage, they can make the decision about the 3 pilot provinces before the half of 2019.

Schedule for the Evidence

Despite the evidence that is already out the PET still, haven’t made a decision because the due process must be observed for the electoral protest. After the revision proceedings of the ballots from the 3 pilot provinces can the presentation of evidence be started.

The President’s Anointed Successor

It is not a secret that President Du30 is looking at Marcos to succeed his presidency. He announced on recently that he prefers someone like Marcos or Escudero to replace him when he resigns. Furthermore, in recent media appearances, through his spokesman, he says that he will resign if Marcos wins his protest. This is despite the alleged Martial Law atrocities during his father’s time.

Influencing the Supreme Court

Asked if Du30 wants Marcos to win his protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, presidential spokesman Harry Roque said: “That I do not know. That’s a different question.” We posted on Twitter on Friday: “By announcing his preference, is the President trying to influence the PET or the Supreme Court on the Marcos electoral protest? Also, a signal for PET to rush Marcos winning his protest? President Du30 announcing his preference, however, begs the question if he is trying to influence the PET to rush making a decision in favor of Marcos.

The President Cannot Dictate the Supreme Court

It is not however for Du30 to dictate who should succeed him after his presidency. The President is sworn to uphold the constitution, and the line of succession is clearly defined within. The SC Justices sitting as PET members must be unbiased in their decision for the protest. They should rule for Marcos if the evidence collected is substantial enough as verified by Atty. Glenn Chong.

Influence is Possible

Du30 may well be trying to influence the PET and the public to accept his plans and preferences. His announcements can be seen by his detractors as machinations. As can be recalled with the quo warranto petition of Supreme Court CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno that the Filipino leader vowed to remove. Consequently, the majority of the tribunal voted to have her ousted, if for sure can’t just be a coincidence.

6 thoughts on “Can President Du30 Influence the Supreme Court on Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest?

  1. Bongbong Marcos is the legitimate vp voted by the majority of the electorates. Yon nga Lang dinaya cya ng smartmatics sa kalagitnaan ng pagbibilang. Remember that even before or a day prior to the actual election happened the PCOS is already submitting election results. Kitang kita ang pandaraya sa kampo ni Robredo so if really Digong’s health is at risk ngayon pa Lang pwede naman siguro siyang mag suggest sa PET na madaliin na ang proseso sa electoral protest ni BBM. Following the constitution si Robredo ang papalit sa kanya pero ang malaking tanong dito, “Papayag ba ang mga Marcos loyalists na yong pagod nila sa protesta ni BBM ay mabale wala na Lang ng ganoon ? Kung ako ang tatanungin HINDI ako papayag. Mag civil war na lang Kung si Robredo man Lang ang papalit Kay Digong. Kasi mamamayagpag na naman ang mga dilawan at oligarchs nito. Ibabalik nila ang droga at corruption sa ating bansa. Papayag ba kayo?

      1. di na pwede ang dilawan nagkalat ang adik at droga nakakatakot sa kalye kung gabi.ngayon mga adik nagtatago na at ang droga wala na sa bangketa.

  2. In the end, the tables will be completely turned against the yellowtards. It is the law of life. The stones you throw will someday comes back at you. So they are desperately trying to stop it but as we all know, we cannot go against the tide. The flow of life will continue and it will not be influenced by money or power. So the best thing is to do the right thing.

  3. this group of Journo is just tiring to listen to, they’re so stupid and had no experienced~~~~

  4. Never Robredo

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