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Can President Duterte Back Down from Bongbong Marcos’ Original Plan?


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Original Plan was for PFP to Adopt President Duterte
Bongbong Marcos reveals that the original plan is for PFP to adopt President Rodrigo Duterte as its Vice Presidential candidate. This is why he declares his candidacy for president without a VP. Hence, the Filipino leader withdraws his VP bid but puts his trusted Aide, Senator Bong Go as PDP-Laban’s Vice Presidential candidate instead. However, he is still legible to substitute Go until November 15. Can he really back down from the plan or just doing a political strategy?

12 Senatorial Slate Under PFP

Marcos also announces that 7 to 8 senatorial candidates out of 12 are sure to occupy PFP’s list. There’s also a possibility that a complete 12 will complete his team. Atty. Larry Gadon is the first one to get a slot. They intend to announce all the candidates in a few days.

Political Strategy of Duterte

The Dutertes and the Marcoses seem to know that plan after all these times. However, they let their own parties do some strategies that can do wonders for their alliance. Like PDP-Laban’s Bato-Go tandem cannot hurt the Marcos slate. If President Duterte finally substitutes Go for the VP post, it’s definitely back to the original plan. Under the constitution, it is illegal for him to run for President. So, he can only run for VP.

1 thought on “Can President Duterte Back Down from Bongbong Marcos’ Original Plan?

  1. It is better to move back on their original plan if Duterte would like stay in power.

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