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You can Do Something About your Neighbor’s Noisy Dog

By: Elena Grace Flores

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Understandably, you cannot just post a no barking sign for the noisy dog to shut up! It can also annoy your neighbor and might be mistaken as an act of war. Don’t do that. As much as possible, retain your pleasant relationship with the dog’s owner. This way, your dog problem can be remedied immediately when you show that you are trying to help instead of fighting for your right! Here’s a good article for your guidance:

What can I do About a Neighbor’s Barking Dog?


A neighbor’s barking dog can strain the nerves. If you work from home, or if the dog barks relentlessly through the night, it can make home seem like a place where rest or peace are seldom an option. There is about as much advice on how to quiet a neighbor’s barking dog as there are barking dogs in the world. Since some neighbors may respond hostilely to your suggestion that they quiet their dogs, you may need to approach the situation in a more passive and friendly manner.

It surely helps to be friendly with your neighbor despite the annoying dog. If you do not like the owner, you can even befriend the dog. Act of kindness can never go wrong. Anxiety is the number one cause why dogs misbehave. An expert dog trainer can do the trick – or you can act as one by just giving the dog heartfelt attention!

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