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Captured Dog Created a Stir in the Military

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Cultural beliefs on dogs created negativity in the military situation in Afghan where a military dog allegedly belonging to the English troops was captured by the local soldiers. It was initially thought to belong to the US service men. Read the news here:

Afghan Taliban capture British military dog

By: News Asia

SAF officials in Afghanistan have confirmed a military dog went missing during a mission in December last year.

US military sources say the dog belonged to a coalition partner and the BBC understands it was working for British forces.

The Taliban earlier released footage of what they claimed was a dog they captured from US troops.

The Afghans believed that dogs can be trained to kill that made them indifferent towards it.¬† Who can blame them? Nonetheless, it can’t be denied that dogs are great help for the military. What is not certain is, what to do with one when captured during the conflict?

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