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Hontiveros Shows What She Could Have Done Over the South China Sea-Vaccine Issues

South China Sea

By: Elena Grace Flores

Hontiveros’ fear is valid if she is in Galvez’s position.

Is Hontiveros Afraid of Losing South China Sea?

Senator Riza Hontiveros’ fear that the country could lose the South China Sea claim if the Duterte administration would exchange that with a favorable deal on the Sinova vaccines from China. Perhaps. she fears that vaccine czar Carlito Galvez would do the same thing as the late Ninoy Aquino over Sabah.

Vaccine Czar’s Assurance

While assuring that the Philippines will not compromise its claim in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) or the South China Sea in securing Covid-19 vaccines from China, Galvez said that “differences should be set aside” in fighting the global pandemic. This irks Hontiveros and clarifies her question. She gets a firm no compromise answer from Galvez.

President Duterte’s Stand

Like the late President Ferdinand Marcos, President Rodrigo Duterte vows not to let go of any territory. Regardless of how intense the disputes are. The West Philippine Sea is the official designation by the Philippine government of eastern parts of the South China Sea. They are included in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. However, some members of the Liberal Party are afraid that the current government would do the same as their very own Ninoy Aquino. It was him who revealed Marcos’ secret plan to send guerrillas to Sabah. His son, former President Noy also ordered the clan of the Sabah heirs to abandon it. He allowed the Malaysians to massacre them in Lahad Datu.

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The Hybrid Election System Must Stop Smartmatic-Comelec Manipulation

hybrid election

By: Elena Grace Flores
Talk News TV

Glenn Chong’s Hybrid Election Idea is supported by Sotto and Marcos.

Senator Imee Marcos and Senate President Tito Sotto’s Bill

Senate President Vicente Sotto III’s Senate Bill 7, or the Hybrid Election Act gets the endorsement of Senator Imee Marcos previously. However, that does not eliminate Smartmatic from the picture. Comelec disqualifies the only challenger during the bidding of the election machines. This is why Glenn Chong proposes a system that would at least discourage such manipulation.

Manual Counting but Automated Tallying and Transmission

Chong explains that the teachers who man the precincts are knowledgeable when it comes to manual counting and tallying on the board. The inputs of the total count per category would then go through the transmission process. This means that the Smartmatic machines can only collect the tallies and transmit them to the server for public broadcast. Thus, fulfilling the hybrid election ideals.

The Smartmatic has No Role

Chong stresses that to be safe from fraud, Smartmatic must have no role inside the election room. The data inputs of the machines are also verifiable from the manual tallies of the teachers. Doubtful broadcasts of results just like Leni Robredo’s votes that allegedly surpass Bongbong Marcos’ one million lead can easily put on check in this hybrid election process.

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The Oldest American President Starts while Duterte Wishes for a Successor

American President

By: Elena Grace Flores
Balitang Bayan

President Duterte wishes successor to continue his anti-corruption drive.

The American President Starts as Duterte Fights Corruption

On the inauguration of the American President, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte appreciates Citra Central Expressway Corp. and San Miguel Holdings. They made possible the opening of the 19-kilometer segment of the Skyway. It runs from Buendia in Makati to the North Luzon Expressway. He said that corruption might be difficult to beat but trusts that the next president would continue his anti-corruption campaign.

The Next Philippine President

Duterte also assures the public that his administration would continue to pursue its Build, Build, Build program. This follows the blueprint of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. His son and namesake Bongbong Marcos is a favorable bet for his successor in the 2022 elections. The rumor has it that he would run with Duterte’s daughter. However, Senator Bong Go’s name also floats as a trusted ally of the Filipino leader.

Not Afraid of the Oligarch

Like former President Marcos, Duterte is not afraid of the oligarch. He prioritizes projects for the welfare of the majority. The President admits that sometimes, government agencies have no choice but to embrace corruption. Just to realize the fulfillment of such projects. However, the important thing is to finish thes infrastructure projects to be useful for the public. Thus enhancing the country’s economic growth. As per the music “My Way” as the former American President leaves, Duterte did it his way!

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Roque at Wits End on CNN’s Way of Questioning Regarding UP’s Accord Termination


By: Elena Grace Flores
Showbiz Fanaticz

Defense Department ends deal barring state forces in UP campuses

Pinky Webb of CNN Speaks to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque is at wit’s end on the line of questioning by Pinky Webb of CNN. Webb asks Roque to comment on Danilo Arao’s call to the UP faculty and alumni. This is to denounce Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana’s termination of UP’s 1989 accord. Roque reminds Webb that he’s not only a UP alumnus but also the Presidential spokesperson. So, his opinion is not following Arao’s call. He is not bound to denounce such action of the military.

The Opposition’s Accusation

The sitting Vice President Leni Robredo said that such alleged militarization of the UP campus is the government’s way to discourage dissent. It is currently sensationalized by the yellow media. Bongbong Marcos’ election protest against Robredo still awaits the Supreme Court’s decision. Reports of massive fraud to let her win support Marcos’s claim.

Termination of UP’s 1989 Accord

The termination is known by the public on Monday night, January 18. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana officially notifies the university about the abrogation in his letter to UP President Danilo Concepcion on January 15. He cites the in-campus recruitment activities of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army (CPP-NPA). So, the move basically addresses public interest on the matter.

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Duterte: Senators who Give Credit to Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccines will Get it!


By: Elena Grace Flores

Some Senators Only Think of Corruption

Senators who Give Credit to Pfizer

Many senators from the opposition give so much credit to Pfizer coronavirus vaccines. This is to the verge of discrediting China’s Sinovac. President Rodrigo Duterte swears that those lawmakers who complain so much must get it. They do not respect the efforts of the vaccine czar, Carlito Galvez, and Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez.

Special Deal with China

Prior to the existence of the current vaccines, Duterte already had an agreement with China that they would prioritize to give the shots to Filipinos. Despite not having enough budget for them. Currently, the Chinese government donates 500,000 doses of Sinovac. Instead of being grateful, some senators can only think of corruption.

Efficacy Issues

The efficacy issues are also used by lawmakers who do not have medical backgrounds. From a layman’s point of view, each vaccine has different effects individually. The deaths in Norway among their elderly after receiving the Pfizer vaccines are circumstantial. They were over 80 years old and literally dying already. The deaths do not even exceed the regular death rates of elderly nursing homes in Norway.

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Lawyer and Politician Sara Duterte-Carpio’s Plan for 2022 Election favors BBM

Lawyer and Politician Sara Duterte-Carpio's Plan for 2022 Election favors BBM

By: Elena Grace Flores

A Lawyer, Politician, Woman and Presidential Daughter

Not About Gender for Lawyer and Politician Inday Sara

Lawyer and politician Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio fulfills her promise on the deadline of her Presidential candidacy. She divulges her conversation with her father about the matter. She’s not running for President. This has nothing to do with gender, according to her. Earlier, sitting VP Leni Robredo disagrees with the president that a woman does not have the same emotional set up as a man. This gives people a hint that she’s indeed up for the position in 2022.

A Joke to Run for Vice President

Her disclosure of not running for president clarifies Inday Sara’s previous joke that maybe she is in for the Vice Presidency. This favors Bongbong Marcos. His electoral protest against Robredo does not have a decision yet. The hottest tandem these days is that with Mayor Sara. Marcos-(Duterte)Carpio is indeed the team to beat in 2022. So, it’s best to guard the election system.

Gender Debate

Robredo again did not let the President’s comment pass. This gives her the opportunity to counteract using gender equality arguments. However, her truth may have great appeal in the international scene. But locally, the insight of a father prevails. So, the Marcos and Duterte supporters have something to celebrate.

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BBM Supports Duterte’s Call to Trust Coronavirus Vaccine Czar’s Decisions

coronavirus vaccine

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

Marcos on Vaccine Updates: Safety, Shortage, and Benefits

BBM Promises to vlog his Coronavirus Vaccine Administration

Bongbong Marcos agrees with President Rodrigo Duterte that there’s no time to be choosy now. This is as far as what brand the government can get for Coronavirus vaccines. The Covid-19 cure has come. This is the ultimate solution to the pandemic. Filipinos must grab the opportunity before the opposition’s criticisms can cripple the economy again.
ANC 24/7

Duterte defends decision to buy China’s Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine

The President is Taking Responsibility

President Duterte takes responsibility for Galvez’s choices of Coronavirus vaccines. He understands that it’s a first-come, first-served basis. With the resources we have and the COVAC facility utilization, the Coronavirus vaccine czar is doing very well. This is contrary to what the opposition may say.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

It is proven by the Chinese that their more or less natural approach is much better than chemical reactions. Sinovac’s inactive nature does not need intense counter-attacks. So, when the foreign substance of the vaccine enters the body, the battle of the infection and the cure will not be that intense. Thus minimizing side effects. Propaganda on the alleged deaths caused by the other brands of the coronavirus vaccines does not even comprise a percentage of the millions of people who received them safely.

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Senator Pangilinan’s Online Research Confuses the Public on Sinovac’s Price


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

Galvez defends purchase of Sinovac vaccine

Wrong Sinovac Price from Senator Pangilinan

Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s wrong disclosure on Sinovac’s price raises suspicions of corruption. It creates unnecessary malice when the media sensationalizes it. They double the price for the two doses using the rack or published rates online. That’s why the tally looks fishy from the start. Ill intentions can really go back to the doer quickly during the digital age. Senate Committee on Finance chair Sonny Angara’s wrong data also didn’t help.

Covac Price on Sinovac

According to vaccine czar Carlito Galvez, the negotiated Covac facility rate on Sinovac’s vaccine is 300% less than the regular rate. The propaganda stunt may be destructive to the government at first but end the end, it boomerangs to Pangilinan himself. His irresponsible actions reflect the kind of lawmaker that he is. So, this is damaging for his political career.

Politicking for the 2022 Elections

The opposition seems to try very hard to daint Duterte’s popularity. This is clearly to discourage the people to vote for his anointed. The president already expresses his disagreement with the call for his daughter’s running for president in 2022. He said that it’s not a woman’s job. He doesn’t want Inday Sara to go through what he’s going through. So, it can still be Bongbong Marcos in the end.

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Black Americans Hail Duterte on Drug War Issues

drug war

By: Elena Grace Flores

Why Are You Killing Blacks | Filipino President Duterte to America

Duterte’s Response to Drug War Criticisms

A British journalist gets a blow from President Rodrigo Duterte. He asks about the drug war accusation of the UN. Duterte retaliates. Ask America why are they killing blacks? What has it done with it? This is not a new inquiry. Something that black Americans continuously ask. The Filipino leader just refreshes the inquiry. This time, in a hypothetical way that can give everyone the aha moment. So, understand it.

Media Demonizing the Drug War

The American media together with their counterparts worldwide is notable for demonizing relevant efforts in minimizing crimes. They often use humanitarian reasons. Sometimes, to the verge of protecting the criminals instead of the victims. The President’s question must also be answered. Why is the UN mum about the killings of black Americans in the US? Is the death of a black man more relevant than the deaths of Filipino criminals or casualties of the drug war?

The Human Rights Principle

Duterte lashes some more by asking if the quantity matters. The media often likes to exaggerate to capture public interest. Can 10 Filipino drug war casualties justify one black man criminal or not? Does that change the human rights principle? Can the UN answer that? Apartheid is actually not really gone. Perhaps hidden in a different name. Respect begets respect. Leaders must take care of their own people. The best way they know how.

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Duterte Explains Why the Presidency is NOT for Inday Sara nor Imee Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

Duterte says daughter Inday Sara ‘not running’ for president

The Presidency is NOT for Women

President Rodrigo Duterte reiterates his previous advice to his daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio not to run for the Presidency. It is not for a woman, the Filipino leader stressed. He pities the mayor should she give in to the calls. His avid supporter, Senator Imee Marcos confirms that Inday Sara is the hottest now when asked if she can be President. Marcos made it clear that she also has no plans of running for president. However, her brother Bongbong Marcos has the right gender and the so-called Duterte’s anointed.

Women’s Emotional Setup

The President can again be a target of criticism when it comes to emancipation by feminists groups. However, his views make sense scientifically speaking. A woman is more emotional than a man. The pressures in the top executive office can better be handled by the male species. This insight of the president somewhat confirms the plans of the Marcos-Duterte alliance for the presidency. It is likely to be the Bongbong Marcos – Inday Sarah Duterte-Carpio scenario.

Marcos-Duterte Tandem for 2022

Mayor Sara also said before that she is definitely not running for the Presidency. But she is thinking about the Vice Presidency. President Duterte is just too honest to delay this announcement. However, it’s up to the people to analyze his actions if his statements are like parables.