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Media Propaganda Busted: Sensing Majority Votes NOT to Disqualify BBM, Guanzon Leaks her Dissenting Opinion

media propaganda

By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Comm. Guanzon voted to disqualify Bongbong Marcos in 2022 polls

Media Propaganda of Guanzon

Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon leaks her dissenting opinion to GMA recently with all the negative notions about Bongbong Marcos. The first division has two other members – Aimee Ferolino and Marlon Casquejo. However, due perhaps to the other two going against Guanzon to disqualify Marcos, she squeals to the media. This is clearly another media propaganda.

Comelec’s Subjudicial Rule

The subjudicial rule of the Comelec dictates that the ponente only announces the ruling of the case after the en banc voting that results to a ruling. However, Guanzon seems to be very disturbed to make her own decision public before her retirement on February 2, 2022. On top of that, she implies that someone tries to bribe, threaten, or seduce her.

No Moral Turpitude in BBM’s Case

As a public official, BBM’s salary was automatically deducted for the withholding taxes by the provincial government of Ilocos Norte. He did pay taxes. But ccording to the BIR, there’s a deficiency. Only the BIR can determine the correct tax payable. So, the honest interpretation of the taxpayer may sometimes differ from it. It is not tax evasion.

BBM was not able to contest the assessment because he was no longer in the Philippines when it came out. Although the Court of Appeals rules that there’s no tax evasion. Moral turpitude does not apply here contrary to Guanzon’s reasoning that is purely media propaganda.

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Political Analyst Criticizes GMA’s Presidential Interview

presidential interview

By: Elena Grace Flores

Prof. Clarita Carlos’ Take on GMA’s Presidential Interviews

[VIDEO]: Questions I’ve Never Asked My Son | Bongbong Marcos

Poor Method for the Presidential Interview

Political Analyst, Prof. Clarita Carlos is not happy with GMA’s method of conducting the recent presidential interview. Deeper issues are better explained. No need for the one word trivia. It’s just a waste of time of the candidates.

TV Anchors Must Not be in the Center

TV anchors must not be in the limelight, Carlos said. Political analysts like her are the better interviewers for the presidential candidates. Social scientists can ask the concrete plans of aspirants in a 60-minute discusion. Just like the Boy Abunda Presidential interview. The media personalities must stop their game shows.

It Must be a Debate

It must be a debate instead of a presidential interview, the political analyst stressed firmly. It should be a collision of ideas. Their readiness to lead the country is obvious this way. Even if Bongbong Marcos was present during the said interview, she will still not watch. Because they looked for intelligent viewers but fed them with stupidity. A debate can immediately show the dumb ones.

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Sandro Marcos’ Trending Moments with BBM

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Questions I’ve Never Asked My Son | Bongbong Marcos

Sandro Marcos is Trending Always

Diehard detractors of BBM work so hard with trending negativity after he boycotted GMA’s Presidential interview. However, it’s obvious that he does not need to prove that he’s the best. Bonding with his son, Sandro Marcos is more worthwhile and he’s trending all the time.

Sandro’s Greatest Challenge

Running for Congress is Sandro Marcos’ greatest challenge, he admitted. He also cannot compromise transparency. If given the chance to choose, he wants to be called Bongbong after his father. But his original Alexander Ferdinand name was shortened to Sandro by his parents.

Ex-Girlfriends and More

Sandro Marcos confessed that he has had 5 girlfriends already. His first crush was Emma Watson of Harry Potter. Sandro argues that he does like his father’s music but it was BBM who does not like his. Anyway, he’s hopeful that he’ll come around and see the light in the end.

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Attorney Larry Gadon Thinks Jessica Soho is Too Hostile to Administration-Friendly Candidates


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Atty. Larry Gadon’s Opinion Why BBM Refused to Join GMA’s Presidential Interview

Attorney Gadon’s Opinion

Attorney Larry Gadon thinks that journalists like Jessica Soho are too hostile to the administration-friendly candidate. This is his personal experience, he said. They would only try to intimidate candidates like Bongbong Marcos. To make them look bad in public. So, why risk this? When BBM already gets the highest rating? It should be GMA who must worry about theirs.

Attacks to Pro-Administration Candidates

The outspoken attorney added that in one of his interviews with GMA, he has to rebattle many NPA personalities. Outnumbering the pro-administration bet in interviews or debate is very unfair. Therefore, it is best to boycott them if they cannot provide a neutral platform.

No Harm to BBM’s Popularity

The voters of BBM are loyal whether he joins debates or not. On the other hand, those who are indifferent to him will remain so whatever he does. Criticism can only make him popular. So, no harm to his popularity on that effect. It’s better to boycott Jessica Soho than to be introduced by her as the son of the late dictator.

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Yellow Media is Still on the Alleged Ill-Gotten Wealth Propaganda


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: ‘It’s a mixed bag’: Analyst on track records of Marcos-Duterte senatorial slate

I’ll Gotten Wealth Propaganda

It is a fact that the yellow contender for president, Leni Robredo was the highest mainstream media advertiser in 2016. They have to repeat the black media propaganda against Bongbong Marcos for Robredo to have a chance in 2022. The alleged ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses is one of them. No respect at all to the more than 30 years of court trials with no final convictions. Here’s how to spot biased news outlets.

Son of the Late Dictator

Any newscasters who call Bongbong Marcos the son of the late dictator have either no clue about the Philippine Constitution or are just following the orders of their bosses to character assassinate Marcos. A democratic country can never have a dictator because he is voted by the people. The late President Ferdinand Marcos had no absolute power as a ruler and never used force during his reign.

Disregarding More than 30 Years of Trials

The reporters of these biased news outlets may have to act innocent. Disregarding what they knew of the trials of the century that led PCGG to nowhere. There’s also no mention of the evidence shown by former first lady Imelda Marcos. They must be in line with their candidate’s stand who talks about the Tallano Gold just to dig up the said propaganda.

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Bongbong Marcos Talks about Investments and Other Big Things


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos Answers Relevant Questions

Investments In the People

Bongbong Marcos believes that a good leader must have the best people. Investments on the expertise of the workforce is a must to make the country great again. Migrant workers deserve concrete funding for their welfare like trainings to continue working. Perhaps housing and healthcare services for their return. Agriculture is also a priority.

Not a Subsidy

Farmers are often thought to receive subsidies. But for Bongbong Marcos, they are investments. The more the government spend on them, the more they can produce better products. His answers coincide with the veteran farmers during the Marcos regime.

Imports are Temporary

Importing goods is a remedy to stop the increase in prices. However, the agricultural sector’s development must continue to be self-sufficient. Local productions must be more than enough for the needs of the country. His father had the best system for farming on the land. Its revival is next when he becomes president.

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Can Robredo Beat Bongbong Marcos without Andres Bautista in 2022?

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

CNN Philippines

[VIDEO]: Presidential aspirant Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is still in the race.

Robredo Vows to Beat Bongbong Marcos

The questionable VP Leni Robredo vows to beat Bongbong Marcos after the Comelec rules in favor of the most popular presidential aspirant. Robredo seems to get her confidence back after the alleged Comelec data hacking. However, many voters are asking what happened to the former Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista. He’s still in exile in the US after his wife accused him of having unexplained wealth during the 2016 elections.

A Hand in the Election

Bautista’s wife, Patricia implies that her husband’s unusual wealth may have something to do with the massive election fraud in 2016. She testifies that he allegedly received bribes during the said poll. Robredo was the highest mainstream media advertiser at that time while Bongbong Marcos was defeated with a very slim margin. Although IT experts identified a suspicious pattern on the data increase that gave Robredo the advantage after a sudden disruption of transmissions during the wee hours right after the election day.

Bongbong Marcos Retains his Lead

Bongbong Marcos retains his lead despite the many black media propaganda against him. His popularity even increases after the Comelec rules in his favor over the DQ petitions. The ballots are definitely with his name on them. That would leave the people to be vigilant when casting their votes in May 2022. While the IT experts continue to scrutinize the election system. The no-election scenario is unlikely.

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Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez on BBM’s Kind of Leadership


By: Elena Grace Flores

Kaloyrose tv

[VIDEO]: BBM on Bataan Nuclear Power Plant: We have to look at it properly not as a political issue

BBM’s Leadership Style

Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez can only say good things about BBM. She said that the former Senator always puts his political platform right. This can of leadership only proves that he is after the welfare of the people. Self-interest is not at all a concern. His manifests and plans when he becomes president are clear. Unity is the name of the game for the country’s progress.

BBM’s Reply

BBM is thankful for Cong. Lucy’s kind words. He confirms that it is to his best interest to be able to work with everybody. Allies or not. When the time comes, the government would need his opponents’ help. Therefore, he made it a point not to retaliate despite the many criticisms he received. Such is really a sign of a an effective leadership skill.

The Able Congresswoman

It takes one to know one. Torres-Gomez has principally authored over 100 bills and co-authored 35. She is the chairperson of the House Committee on Disaster Resilience, the vice-chairperson of committees on Tourism, and Women and Gender Equality, and the special committee on Creative Industry and Performing Arts. She is also the beautiful wife of the popular actor and Ormoc City mayor, Richard Gomez. So, she knows leadership very well.

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BBM Explained What Happened to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and How to Proceed


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: BBM on Bataan Nuclear Power Plant: We have to look at it properly not as a political issue

Nuclear Power Plant Stopped in 1986

The 1986 EDSA revolution put a stop on the launch of the Bataan nuclear power plant. It became a political issue instead of generating cheaper energy. This is why the country is left behind by their Asian counterparts in terms of sustainable electricity supply, said BBM.

Find a Renewable Energy Replacement

Nowadays, there are many options for renewable energy due to advancing technology. Just like the wind farm in Ilocos Norte. Nevertheless, production, transmission, and distribution must be looked into. As an archipelago composed of 7,100 islands, it would be a bit expensive. Another source is geothermal plus many more. This already exists in Leyte but is not yet operational.

Setback Due to Political Reasons

Politics must not get in the way of searching for a cost-effective source of energy. It should be internationally competitive. There must be continuity in the government to let this happen. If the nuclear power plant is worth reviving, politics must get out of the way. It’s best to follow Science. Disasters did happen in the past. But safety measures can already be imposed. Just like in America, BBM explained.

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The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals’ Stand on Bongbong Marcos’ Disqualification Case

Supreme Court

By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Fanaticz

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos Cannot Be Disqualified

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Clearance

The Court of Appeals cleared Bongbong Marcos of tax evasion in October 1997 because he was not given a due notice for tax assessment. The court fined him Php 36,000 for non-filing of tax returns only. So, he withdrew his petition from the Supreme Court and paid his tax liabilities of Php 67,137.27 in total.

Official Records

Then Supreme Court Deputy Clerk and Chief of the Judicial Records Office, Teresita Dimaisip sent a copy of the entry of judgement to the Marcos camp, Court of Appeals, and the Solicitor General in December 2001. But of course former SC Associate Justice Antonio Carpio did not know that.

Unity Message In Cebu

Right after the devastation of typhoon Odette, the BBM-Sara Uniteam helped the badly affected areas in Cebu. Only together as a unified nation shall Filipinos be victorious during and after the pandemic, Marcos said.