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Sara Duterte-Carpio Hints for Bongbong Marcos to Run as President

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

If the Tandem Pushes through, the President is a Man
The son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos has been floated as Sara’s possible runningmate following his trip to Davao City for her birthday. She also claims that she “does not intend” to seek the country’s top post. Therefore, that left Bongbong Marcos to opt for the presidency.

No Duterte-Duterte Tandem

Inday Sara reiterates that there will be no tandem with her father in the 2022 elections. She addresses this amidst speculations that she will run for president, alongside President Rodrigo Duterte for vice president. The President said earlier that he appeals to Sara not to run for the top post. The Chief Executive denies that he aims for the vice presidency despite the pressure from his party mates.

It’s a No for a Woman President

It is also clear that President Duterte does not believe for a woman to run the country. Mayor Sara is quite particular on this stand of her father. So, it’s absolutely sure that she will not run for the top position in 2022.

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Survey Results Made the Opposition’s Vaccine Negativity Evaporate Like Gas


By: Elena Grace Flores

PH secures 25 million COVID-19 vaccines from China’s Sinovac

Vaccine Negativy Evaporates Like Gas

Palace spokesperson Harry Roque said that it’s better for the opposition to stop criticisms of the government’s vaccine efforts. Now that the results of their negativity reflected in the survey results. Loyalists can only inquire. Why did Leni Robredo win? She’s far behind Bongbong Marcos even to this date. That should make their bad air evaporate like gas.

Sinovac is Proven Safe

There’s nothing spectacular about Sinovac, explained Roque. But it’s proven safe. It’s from an inactive virus. So, it is unlikely to cause irritable side effects. The opposition is always indifferent when it comes to China. It may be more expensive than the others – but it’s racing to be the first to arrive with Pfizer.

Poor Survey Rating of the Opposition

The camp of Bongbong Marcos who is definitely running for an executive post this 2022 election is like a gas chamber. It is anxious to get the decision from the PET on Marcos’ electoral protest. Marcos loyalists also grow in number as seen in the survey results. The more the SC withheld the outcome of his case, the more he gets the public’s sympathy.

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Ramon Ang Gives Duterte Right of Way Credit


By: Elena Grace Flores

San Miguel CEO, Ramon Ang hails President Rodrigo Duterte on his infrastructure projects

Ang Gives Credit to Where it’s Due

San Miguel CEO, Ramon Ang gives credit to President Rodrigo Duterte on his right of way projects. As part of the Build Build Build blueprint of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, this outlay would decongest EDSA by February estimated Ang. It is because of Duterte’s strong governance, added Ang. Now, see the politicians at work who are public servants. This may enlighten the voting public.

DPWH Secretary Mark Villar

The current DPWH secretary is Mark Villar. He assumes office on August 1, 2016. The Secretary of Public Works and Highways is very industrious. He is a good hand of the President for these projects. His family is into construction. So, detractors can look into a possible conflict of interest. But, there’s actually no proof of corruption in this area so far. Senator Imee Marcos merely suggests diverting some funds to pandemic remedies from idle projects. So, the works continue without hiccups. Keeping some much-needed jobs.

DOT Secretary Arthur Tugade

Secretary Arthur Tugade is a Filipino businessman. He is also a lawyer from Cagayan. Now the current Secretary of the Department of Transportation. The right of way project in EDSA shows the brilliance of Tugade, said, Ang. The materials can prevent accidents. Plans are well-thought of. Duterte does not follow only the blueprint of Marcos. But also in selecting reliable experts in the field. This is something that the public cannot hear in the mainstream media. So, people must balance sources of information.

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Senator Manny Pacquiao: The Country’s Loans Alarming but Have Solutions


By: Elena Grace Flores

Marcos’ Family Holiday Greetings with Technology

9.6 Trillion Loans

Senator Manny Pacquiao said that the country’s 9.6 trillion loans are alarming. However, there are solutions despite the increase due to Covid-19 remedies. People must have unity and solidarity to help each other, especially during the pandemic. Government officials must lead and serve people without corruption. This is his dream, he added.

84,000 per Filipino

Each Filipino including those who are just born immediately inherit 85,000 Pesos of loan. This may sound ridiculous. But if the loans rebuild or stimulate the economy, they are worth it. As long as the society remains alive and active, finances can only get better. Even bigger countries like China have bigger loans. Besides, the Philippines is rich in natural resources. It’s people are sought-after for work overseas. A little compassion can come a long way.

Unity and Solidarity Needed

However, unity and solidarity are essential in the country’s progress. Instead of political fights, a common ground must be on hand. To vote for public servants instead of business tycons in the coming election should be in mind.

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Lacson Senses Locsin’s Disappointment on Vaccine Delay


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by NEWS NGAYON PH

Lacson: Ambassador Teodoro Locsin is keeping his temper on the vaccine talks.

Someone Drops the Ball on Vaccine Negotiation

Senator Panfilo Lacson said that he already knows who drops the ball during the vaccine negotiation with Pfizer. Locsin and Babe Romualdez initially secured the country 10 million doses of Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine as early as January 2021 to Clark. However, someone interferes and discourages Pfizer. Thus, delaying the process.

Duque’s Explaination

DOH Secretary Francisco Duque denies that someone dropped the ball during negotiation. The DOH only verifies the dealings like the confidentiality agreement and others. However, Lacson insinuates that someone mentioned the 50% down payment and failed to submit the confidentiality agreement.

Financed by World Bank and ADB

The original agreement of 10 million doses of Pfizer financed by World Bank and ADB to be shipped thru FEDEX to Clark in January was previously sealed by Locsin and Rumualdez. Now, it may be delayed by March if Duque’s statement is true that the negotiation is still ongoing.

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An Indian Psychic Refers to BBM’s Detractor as the Modern Jezebel


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by PTV

An Indian Psychic predicts that a woman vows to destroy BBM.

The Psychic Points to a Woman who Maligns Marcos

An Indian psychic said that Bongbong Marcos’ number one detractor is a woman. She constantly criticizes him and his family to discredit their clan. The intention is to block him from becoming President. He elaborates that the woman wins at first. But Marcos will eventually emerge as the winner the second time around.

The Modern Day Jezebel

In the bible, Jezebel was the daughter of the priest-king Ethbaal. He’s the ruler of the Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon. When Jezebel married King Ahab of Israel (ruled c. 874–853 BCE), she persuaded him to introduce the worship of the Tyrian god Baal-Melkart, a nature god. Most of the prophets of Yahweh were killed at her command. She manipulated men and destroyed their reputation for her own advancement. The modern-day Jezebel does the same through black propaganda.

The Late President Marcos’ Last Will and Testament

The political enemies of BBM are afraid that he would implement the last will and testament of his father for the good of the people. If the country is managed properly for the citizens’ welfare, their business interests will be compromised. Although the psychic is positive that the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos will be victorious in the end. Even after the betrayal of a male ally. So, election 2022 should be promising!

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Senator Bong Go: Does She Have the Authority to Conduct Peace Talks?

peace talks

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by

Robredo may have no authority.

No Authority on Peace Talks

Senator Bong Go doubts the legality of the Communist Party of the Philippines’ plan to engage the Office of the Vice President in the peace talks. He asserts that it may have no bearing. President Rodrigo Duterte is the AFP’s commander in chief. Leni Robredo just sits as VP. She did not last long in her previous assignments.

Go’s Stand

As much as possible, Senator Go does not want a civil war among Filipinos. He questions how the military gets involved? Robredo has nothing to do with them. She’s not in the chain of command. So, their peace talks won’t have any effect as far as legal agreements are concerned.

Feeling Closer to the Insurgents

Just like during the Marcos regime, then Senator Ninoy Aquino was responsible for the merging of the CPP-NPA. He purely violated the constitution because he was a public official. His group was in connivance with the NPAs to topple the late Ferdinand Marcos’ government. Now, she’s doing it again.

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A Former SC CJ Doubts Robredo’s Claim of 15,000 More Votes after Recount


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by ANC 24/7

The Supreme Court can dismiss Bongbong Marcos’ case right away if the recount results were beyond reasonable doubts.

The Supreme Court Has Doubts

Former Philippine Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban says the PET made the right decision to get Marcos and Robredo’s comments. This was on the tribunal’s protest report after the recount. Panganiban echoes then Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin’s statement: This is all part of due process. Besides, only the Supreme Court knows the numbers of the recount. Both camps and the public actually don’t know. Robredo just made an assumption.

Appreciation of Votes

Due process dictates that to determine the winner of a recount, the numbers are not the only basis. The appreciation of votes is as important as the recount results. That’s the reason why there are judges in the Supreme Court. They must make the ruling, whether or not they are tampered; Panganiban explained.

Just Assuming

Therefore, it is safe to say that the sitting VP was just assuming that she gained 15,000 more votes after the recount. Worst, the alleged fact-checker supports her lie. This is the very reason why she can never get the sympathy of the majority of the Filipinos. She would say anything that would save her. But instead, he became the most hated VP of all times.

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Bongbong Marcos Won’t Stop Marcos-Duterte Speculations for Elections 2022

elections 2022

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by AKO PINOY

Bongbong Marcos is in constant communication with Mayor Sara

Marcos-Duterte for Elections 2022

Doubts loom on social media that question the President’s sincerity in endorsing Bongbong Marcos for President in the upcoming elections 2022. Some say that he wants his daughter to be president to solve the problems that he can’t do himself. However, he made it clear that he doesn’t want that life for his daughter. He told her to run only for patriotism. On the other hand, Bongbong Marcos confirms that he’s in constant communication with Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

Politics is the Favorite thing of the Country

Marcos admits that he is on constant talks with the daughter of the President. He also mentions that he just had a confidential meeting with the president himself recently. At one point, Mayor Sara also jokes of running for Vice President. Despite their refusal to divulge the positions that they are eyeing. One thing is certain that something is cooking as far as Marcos-Duterte is concerned or vice versa. Marcos allows all those speculations to float because he doesn’t want to announce the details of his candidacy that early. So as not to spoil his chances of winning.

Poll Trends can Shift very Fast

His strategies can change according to the trends of the voters. As per experience, Philippine politics can shift very fast, he said. The pandemic also triggers the people to hope on Marcos to prioritize the last will and testament of his father for the welfare of humanity.

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Is Calida the President’s Hand to Realize His Promise to Bongbong Marcos?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by philstarnews

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said; the solicitor general’s involvement on the motion of BBM is a must.

The President’s Say

The palace through its spokesperson said that SolGen Jose Calida’s hand to inhibit Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen from Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest is necessary. It is of the interest of the people. Not just the president’s promise? However, he also did not deny earlier President Rodrigo Duterte’s wish of making Marcos the president.

The People’s Lawyer

The Filipino leader really wants to determine the victory of Marcos. So, he can perhaps make do of his promise to pass the presidency over to him. This is the speculation of many. At the moment, no one successfully disputes Calida’s efficiency in implementing the law but only mere criticisms. May it be involving the Marcoses or not. Although critics say otherwise. That he is biased in favor of the Marcoses. In fact, the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo calls him a Marcos loyalist.

The People vs. Robredo

The solicitor general’s office move means that Marcos electoral protest has become the people vs. the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo. The feeling of public betrayal in the wee hours the very next day of the 2016 elections loom until this day. To wake up knowing that the sitting VP might not be the one with the majority votes just creates distrust to the office of the Vice President. The scenario also divides the country.

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