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Catered Parties are More Enjoyable

By: Elena Grace Flores

Catering 2013
Catering 2013 (Photo credit: matchfitskills)

Unless you have all the time in the world and the talent for party hosting, doing it yourself could be very fulfilling. Otherwise, leave this task to the experts and you will find out that instead of spending more, you can actually spend less but enjoy more. Here are some tips when hiring a caterer:

Tips for Hiring a Caterer

By: Shelly McRae

One of the main attractions of a party is the food and spirits. From the casual barbeque to the formal dinner party, your guests are expecting appetizers, side dishes, main courses, and desserts. They’re also expecting drinks and wine, coffee and aperitifs, and they expect the beverages to complement the food.

Remember that as the host, it is important that you will make yourself free in socializing with your guests. You cannot do it very well if you are busy in the kitchen or doing some preparations. Entertaining 50 or more guests is already a hard work. Hiring a catering service based on your budget and plan is highly recommended!

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