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Cats can have Postpartum Too!

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was not a pretty site waking up one day finding 6 new-born but dead kittens in the backyard. I’m always a cat lover and actually have 5 cats in our house already. However, I am also administrating for my sister’s apartment and staying there from time to time. It will not be ideal to keep some pets because aside from not living there regularly, it’s actually going to be converted into a boarding house.

This stray cat that I did not have any idea at all that she’s pregnant always visits in the morning to ask for food. I have to be tough to say no because I do not want her to end up living there and be miserable when I’m away. Based on experience also, when I start feeding one, it will take only few months and I will be feeding 2 to 10 cats! They are difficult to give out also because there are few or no willing takers. It’s not like Donating a Car in Maryland! That thought alone drove me to really be very strict in not giving anything to her. It’s not like the cat looks like she needs mesothelioma diagnosis so, I’m sure she can cope.

As I examined the dead bodies of the kittens one by one, I noticed blood on their necks and sure enough – their mother bit them too hard until they died. I know for sure that when a mother cat feels threatened with too many humans, too much interruptions and presence of other animals they could kill and eat their new-born! It’s obviously triggered by the Postpartum disease of the mother cat.

Postpartum is really real in cats. That’s why they need proper care when pregnant – whether they look like they need mesothelioma diagnosis or not. This is not possible of course when they have no owners. There are already too many stray cats all around us and although cats can live better than other animals in the toughest conditions, they also have their limitations and can be hazards to the community – the same as stray dogs. Will cat impounding works?

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