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Cayenne and Salt for Toothache

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
If you have problems taking pain killers every time you have toothache, try home remedies that are good enough if not brilliant. This article have the best suggestions for home remedies that will take the pain away from your mouth. Read this but be resourceful:

Natural home remedies: Toothache

By: BestHealth

Toothache is at the top of the list for not-a-fun-time, but there are some natural remedies you can use to relieve the pain before you make it to the dentist.

It just so happen that I did not have all the ingredients mentioned in the article to get the right combination in making a tooth ache remedy. The pain was already excruciating that I cannot concentrate anymore in writing. So, I took a half-glass of water, pour in half teaspoon of iodized salt and mixed it with half teaspoon of Cayenne Red Pepper. Stirred the solution well and gargled it – holding for it for 30 seconds before spitting out. The result was amazingly good and refreshing too! Try it.

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