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Cebu is Excited about Imee Marcos’ Nutribun Recovery Plan


By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Marcos tackles mainly the prevention of coronavirus spread. However, she receives a list of places where malnutrition is rampant in the province. She urges the officials to do something about is. As much as 30% of their children are indigents. We need a convergence to combat malnutrition, she pleaded. She encourages the DA (Department of Agriculture) to let the farmers plant monggo, malunggay, kalabasa, kamote, coconut, and other protein sources. This is in the hope to come up with nutritious replacement meals. Her plan to make Cebu as the pilot province for the Nutribun recovery is well received. In fact, many teachers in public schools are excited about it. Not to mention the Marcos era children who are now parents themselves.

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Presscon with Senator Imee Marcos at Bayfront Hotel, Cebu City

The press conference with Senator Imee Marcos at Bayfront Hotel, Cebu City on February 7, 2020, highlights coronavirus prevention and malnutrition solutions.

Nutribun Recovery Program

“During the 2020 budget deliberation, it has come to my attention the list of the malnourish and stunted children in the country. This is shocking for me. One of the highest rates is in Cebu especially in District 7 and District 2 that are somewhat serious, she added. The regional coordinator of the National Nutrition Council in Central Visayas, Parolita Mission confirmed what the Senator discloses. Mission said this is the reason why Cebu is among the priority areas of the government’s nutrition program.

Malnourish Children in a Rich Province

Senator Imee Marcos wants to pilot Cebu in her plan for the nutribun revival or recovery. She aims to implement this in the next school year to address malnutrition in public schools. She finds it ironic that the province is among the richest in the country but has the highest rate of malnourished children. Marcos pushes for the early delivery of Nutribiskwit. This is a better version of the Nutribun during the 70s and 80s in terms of more nutrients and protein. She said these snacks for schoolchildren shall be supplied by Cebu’s very own farmers to augment their livelihood.

Combatting Inflation

Earlier, Marcos called on President Rodrigo Duterte to offer cheaper food prices and better nutrition for the poor by the recovery of basic goods distribution network, Kadiwacenters and the child-feeding program Nutribun of the ’70s. In a statement, she said that while the country’s inflation rate has gone down, prices of basic goods remain high affecting the quality of nutrition, especially of children in low-income families.

Digital Nutribun Distribution

It is a fact that the Marcoses embrace technology when sending their messages across. Senator Marcos met with regional directors and other officials of Region 7 in Cebu City also to talk about the launch of a new application for the Nutribun recovery. The Nutribun became famous during the reign of Marcos’ father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. This is to help address malnutrition in the Philippines with the help of USAID. They were initially given to underweight children for free. Then, they were sold for 15 to 20 centavos each when the late Marcos discontinued the agreement of the US bases in the country but eventually died down later.

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