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Celebrity Interviewer Lost it with how Nicole Richie Reacts after High Five Blow

Nicole Richie

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Caught by surprise after the celebrity interviewer accidentally hit Nicole Richie’s face sending her sunglasses up into the air, she did retain her composure. It is very hard to fake it obviously and she did very well. This made the interviewer felt so uneasy with what she has done. It’s not intentional so, it should not be a big deal.

Youtube video by; Top10s
[VIDEO]: Nicole Richie gets smacked in the face during the interview. Surely it’s every celebrity interviewer’s worst nightmare.

High Five

Nicole Richie got more than an on-air promotion for her new NBC show “Great News” in a recent “Talk Stoop” interview that went awry when the host accidentally slapped her square in the face. The awkward moment came as host Cat Greenleaf was attempting to give her guest a celebratory high-five when Ritchie said the best news she heard recently was a rainy weather forecast in drought-stricken Los Angeles: Read this:

Awkward Slap

Sometimes interviews don’t go as planned. And sometimes high fives turn into awkward misses. For Nicole Richie, both of those things (and more) unfortunately came true over the weekend when she filmed an interview as part of Talk Stoop With Cat Greenleaf. It’s not even 30 seconds into the clip before things go awry as a fierce high five from Greenleaf mistakenly lands on Richie’s face. Indeed, the sheer force of the high five knocks the sunglasses across the stoop. Ouch. More here:

Good Sport

Luckily for her, Richie was “beyond a good sport.” “She was so gracious and kept things moving,” Greenleaf said. “I caused her bodily harm! And she kept on rolling. She was a true pro.” Read more:

Worst Nightmare

It is indeed the celebrity interviewer’s worst nightmare.  big chance with a super-famous star sitting across, and blow it all off with a friendly high five that went astray. The Simple Life reality star told host Cat Greenleaf that she’s excited that her usually dry home city of Los Angeles has a rare rainy forecast. That’s when Greenleaf raises her hand for the high five – and slaps Richie right in the face.

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