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Censorship Urged for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Violence

The Walking Dead

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
“TWD’s” season 7 which is the premiere episode Season 7, is too violent for children says The Parents Television Council. Tim Winter, the council’s president thinks that changing channels will not help especially when viewers are already hooked into the show. Subscribing with AMC automatically gives anyone access to brutal or violent shows. This should be the main concerns of families when purchasing a cable subscription.

Youtube video
[VIDEO]: The Parents Television Council was not pleased with the season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead”, saying the episode was too violent for families to watch.

Glenn and Abraham’s Death

The gruesome death of Glenn (Steven Yeun) and another favorite character Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) did not prepare the audience how violent “TWD” could be in their graphic presentations. They were beaten by a baseball bat with sharp wires wrapped around it.


The spoiler interview with “The Walking Dead’s” Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is the psychopath killer Negan in “TWD” certainly did not help. Negan, the leader of “The Saviors”, a group composed of ravagers after the apocalypse already warned viewers that he will not only kill 1 but 2, said TIME.

Too much

Despite the shock, “TWD” followers still mourn the loss of the show’s heroes in such a mind-blowing manner. Robert Kirkman Scott M. Gimple, its showrunner may have gone too far in playing with the emotions of their followers but justify that they are necessary for the “TWD’s” success. It allegedly features the weakness of humans and the survival of the fittest from such horrific situations. Choosing to kill TWD’s good-hearted characters can also send viewers to the denial stage which escalates intrigue even more for this sensational “The Walking Dead” show..


Going back to the censor guy, Winter – he commented that the TV-MA rating of TWD is not appropriate for the audience it attracts. That should be pushed further to prevent the vulnerable ones from being exposed to the brutal acts “TWD” depicts.


TV-MA only stands for adult viewers and prohibited for below 17 years od age children. It does not say anything about how severe the producers could go about when it comes to violent scenes. That would be something to be protested upon concerning “TWD”, suggested Winters. “The Walking Dead’ definitely has to do some changes to satisfy censorship boards and it should be very soon.

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