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Chasing Ninja Cops and Robbers of Confiscated Illegal Drugs for Re-Sell

cops and robbers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

“Ninja” cops are those who re-sell illegal drugs seized in police operations and protect drugs syndicates while still active in service. President Rodrigo Duterte wants the Police and the Armed Forces to destroy the drug apparatus in this country. He is placing reward per head ₱2-million on their arrest.

[VIDEO]: This shows how Ninja Cops recycle confiscated drugs, choose their sellers from jailed pushers and set them free to sell for them.

Ninja Cops Operations

The alleged Ninja cops would confiscate illegal drugs from suspected pushers or drug lords during buy-bust raids. They would keep the stock until they find the best seller. Pushers in prison become their agents. Freeing them to facilitate transactions in the free world on the promise that they would be loyal to their Ninja operations. In return, the cops involved will be cuddling or protecting them from being arrested.

Get out of the Country

When he was still mayor of Davao City, Duterte would often warn his constituents involved in drugs to get out of his city — or get killed. The President said there is a possibility the same could happen on a national scale.

No Retreat

Despite criticisms for alleged human rights violations in his anti-drug drive, President Duterte said there will be no let-up. He said he will be as harsh as ever.

Poverty is not a good reason to sell drugs

It is not acceptable for President Duterte that one has to sell drugs because he or she is poor. The act does matter and the culprit will go to jail for that.

Cops and Robbers

The Ninja Cops who are cops and robbers at the same time are giving the Philippine National Police a bad name. They are blamed by arrested pushers as the reason for their being involved in the prohibited trade. They do not have a choice, they said.

Cardboard Justice happens to Ninja Cops also

It has been noted that there are cases of alleged Ninja Cops fatalities. They died in a cardboard justice way. Their remains are found with a sign that they are cuddlers of pushers or pushers themselves. The government denies its involvement with extra-judicial killings. It is perhaps the works of vigilantes – who want to silence those dead cops.

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