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China is Aggressive in their Claim around Scarborough

By: Elena Grace Flores

China claims 1.35-million-sq-miles waters of the South China Sea which is 90 percent of the disputed area between Philippines and China plus other neighboring countries. The yearly $5 trillion a year fish trade via ship is already 10% of the global harvest. These are just additions to the perceived energy reserves in the claimed territory. Is their aggressiveness part of their strategy to position themselves as the next super power? Here’s the news:

China blames Philippines for latest South China Sea incident

By: Reuters

(Reuters) – China on Wednesday accused the Philippines of “deliberate provocations” over an incident in disputed waters in the South China Sea that drew a protest from Manila about what it called Chinese ships’ use of a water cannon on Filipino fishermen.

Back to history particularly during the Roman empire, the Chinese vowed to incur peace in their own terms which is measured by the amount of business trade they can take advantage of.¬† The typical Chinese culture just don’t dictate the positive meaning of peace. How can a tyrant Chinese government capable of imposing peace in its original sense to the world?

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