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China War Unlikely with Bongbong Marcos because of its Great Respect for his Father

China War

By: Elena Grace Flores

By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile admits Marcos dictatorship committed human rights violations and apologizes to all victims.

The Image of Ferdinand Marcos at the Chinese Embassy

Bongbong Marcos attended the ceremony for the embassy’s new photo wall recently. It included the image of his father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian said that it was a “great honor” to meet the presidential aspirant and his family. So, when Marcos becomes president, China war is unlikely because of China’s respect to Marcos’ father. The relationship is actually beneficial to both countries.

Long-time Friendship with China

The envoy said that they cherish and honor old friends like the Marcos family. They hope for more Chinese and Filipino people to be committed to deepening both countries’ partnership and cooperation. Like President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Marcos believes in having a bilateral relationship with China. Definitely no war. Instead, both must work together for mutually beneficial commercial and trade activities. Just like what good neighbors do.

Guest of Honor for Special Events

Despite not having a government position, Marcos is always a guest of honor in China’s special events in the country. Huang thanked him for the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony. It is rumored that China is one of the 120 nations that owed gold reserves during the Marcos administration. His son must be president first before the nation can know the whole truth.

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