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Chong: Comelec is Riding on the Hybrid Election Bill


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Karoni Channel

Atty. Glenn Chong: Comelec is Riding on the Hybrid Election

President’s Order for 2022 Election

Atty. Glenn Chong continues his crusade against election fraud. He warns the public on Comelec’s strategy to protect Smartmatic. He said that the poll agency allegedly rides on the Hybrid election bill. Senator Imee Marcos endorses it recently. Besides, the President wants them out. So, the Comelec would show to favor the automated and manual combination. Just to destroy it. They would say that it is too expensive to lessen the public’s sympathy, Chong said.

Public Sentiments of Hybrid Poll

The Comelec feels that the public sentiment now geards towards the hybrid process. They also know that the price is a major issue among Filipinos. Therefore, their estimate for the hybrid election would be the Smartmatic budget plus the manual costs. Chong explains that even if there are more expenses for the manual process, the local economy would benefit from it. From the teachers to election box suppliers. Whereas with the automation, only foreign entities can gain.

Comelec’s Fraud Involvement

According to Chong, it is also clear that on Bongbong Marcos’ case, Comelec allows Marlon Garcia to escape. They had alterations also that were timely for the decline of Marcos’ vote count. Even Leni Robredo’s claim of gaining 15,000 votes more after the recount signifies that the Smartmatic count is never correct. As compared to the manual count. However, their congress ties are too great to remove them just like that. Regardless, the people must exercise their right to vote. The lesser votes, the easier for them to cheat.

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  1. Dapat lng mawala n yn cheatermatic at pati yn si piggy Jeminez tanggalin n sa comelec yn bwesssit n myaman n sa mga suhol Ng mga mandarayang mga Politiko jn.

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