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Why CHR is noisy on Drug War Killings and not on other Crimes?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Many people are confused why CHR or the Committee on Human Rights always make noises when it comes to Duterte’s inciting drug war killings. Whereas in petty crimes, they are quiet.

[VIDEO]: Run through of the difference between crimes committed by individuals – and the government’s influence to the rising drug war deaths.

Jurisdiction of CHR

The Human Rights Committee is the body of independent experts that monitors implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This is the reason why the CHR is more likely in line with the United Nations. They are making sure that government abuses are stopped before it can damage the country and its citizens further.

Criminal Cases belongs to the Justice System

The criminal justice system consists of four pillars namely; law enforcement, prosecution, courts, and corrections. It is the machinery that the Philippine society uses for its control and prevention. So, law enforcers are the ones responsible for them and not CHR.

Some Politicians Mislead the Public

In their quest to protect their political affiliation, some senators despite knowing the law make comments that mislead the public. Like why CHR does not say something about that girl who was raped and killed by a drug addict? Now, you know the answer.

Human Rights Watch

“The detailed testimony from a ‘death squad’ member that then-Mayor Duterte was personally involved in killings and ordered others are very serious allegations that require an independent investigation,” Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch said.

Possible DDS Copycat

Nobody can deny that vigilante killings are on the rise since the drug war started. Others noted that it might be a DDS copycat or the drug criminals killing informers that can implicate them. Either way, the government has a responsibility to protect all citizens, criminals or not. Thus, explaining CHR’s moves.

CHR is Independent and not Controlled by Government

Despite getting a budget from the government, CHR is an independent body installed to protect the people. They are the protector of the majority and not conniving with any political faction.

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