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CNN Gerry Spence: Imelda, Ferdinand And Bongbong Marcos Are Victims Of The Aquinos In Exchange Of American Base

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Gerry Spence during the CNN interview with Larry King testified that there are evidence that the Aquino administration had an agreement with the American government to gather evidence to destroy the Marcoses for the alleged hidden wealth in exchange for the US-Philippines Military Base agreement.

Youtube video by; sierranevadatrail

[VIDEO]: Gerry Spence Defends Imelda Marcos on CNN.

PCGGs Blind Eye

PCGG was given a copy of over 300,000 documentations pertaining to the gold shipments to various countries that are managed by the World Bank and registered under the Central Bank of the Philippines under the Marcos Foundation for the welfare of the Filipinos – but they refused to examine those unlike the courts that acquitted Imelda Marcos for such accusations.


PCGG acted out for the Aquinos

PCGGs refusal to check all the provided documents and its desperate attempt to nail down the Marcoses with hocus pucos evidence was just following the orders of the Aquino administration. They also looted Imelda Marcos’ personal jewelries and paintings including funds in overseas accounts that former Philippine Ferdinand E. Marcos acquired from the Maharlika Royal family for his service as their lawyer.

Here’s the World Bank Data on the Country’s Gold Reserves under the World Bank

The World Bank Data attested that the Philippines is one of the few countries that have ample gold reserves since the 1960s during the time of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos.
126.94 since 1960 (millions of gold bars worth billions of dollars)
80,640.41 updated in 2015  (millions of gold bars worth billions of dollars)
A World Bank whistleblower also confirmed that it was the former and late president Ferdinand E. Marcos who embarked the gold reserves for the welfare of the Filipinos.

Bongbong Marcos is the Country’s Hope

Bongbong Marcos will soon be Vice President of the Philippines when he wins the electoral protests against Vice President Leni Robredo. The majority of the Filipino people is hoping to make him President at the soonest possible time so that he can re-install the public facilities of the late strongman so as not to deprive the people with quality public services same as w=hat the late president Corazon Aquino did – for the people to hate the Marcoses as witnessed by former President, Jejomar Binay.


2 thoughts on “CNN Gerry Spence: Imelda, Ferdinand And Bongbong Marcos Are Victims Of The Aquinos In Exchange Of American Base

  1. I have been MARCOS loyalist , my parents especially my dad and Iam proud Iwas part of President Marcos era where everything was secured, not worried somebody will hurt me while walking at night .,clean and beautiful place to live but those were the days. Now these YELLOWISH AQUINO administration destroyed the country with new order POWER CORRUPTION LIES . I guess bec of HATRED JEALOUSY and personal intrest

  2. The Aquino’s will leave all the lies buried in the passage of time to conceal their vested interest from the public knowledge. They will not put justice to prevail to continue their allegation that the late Ferdinand Marcos’ is the most corrupt leader we ever had in our history. Thus, depriving every Filipino of the truth, that Ferdinand Marcos’ is the best President. His time in power is the golden era our age. We are being respected by our neighboring countries. We are 2nd from Japan in terms of economic progress. The Aquino regime have destroyed the legacy of the late President Marcos. Until today, the lies’ of the Aquino’ are still in the minds of the people who are blinded of their impartiality to accept the truth that President Marcos is not a corrupt leader. Not one of the legal case has been proven that they steal money from the Govt. As Gerry Sepnce, who defended Imelda in the U.S. court, this is just a conspiracy between the CIA and the Aquino Govt. to achieve their political interest in the Philippines.

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