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Why does Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista Blamed Bongbong Marcos for the 2 Billion Pesos Smartmatic Penalty?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Another attempt to mislead the public of the Comelec Chairman’s ineptitude? Bongbong Marcos’ Vic Rodriguez, spokesperson said that it is not fair for the former senator to be blamed for the delayed return of the VCMs to Smartmatic because the Comelec should have anticipated that delay can happen when there’s a case file in its contract with the VCM provider. They must not be negligent in protecting the rights of Filipinos from the contracts they entered the agency to.

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[VIDEO]: [NewsLife] Marcos Camp files raps vs SMARTMATIC, COMELEC [05|24|16]

2 Billion Loses is the Fault of the Comelec

Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista earlier said delivery of some VCMs to Smartmatic was delayed because of the electoral protest filed by Marcos. This was done before the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. The delay may cost the government P2 billion because of the “options to purchase”. This provision is in the contract that the Comelec signed with Smartmatic. Due to the elections fiasco, the government is not buying them anymore thus requiring them to return.

Comelec is Negligent with Contracts despite Massive Fraud

The electoral system of the Philippines is noted to be fraudulent. It is unbelievable for the Comelec not to anticipate any filing of election protests. The right to vote is guaranteed by the Constitution. So Comelec must ensure that our votes are counted, Rodriguez stressed this out.

Do not Blame Bongbong Marcos

Why blame Bongbong Marcos for the lost? The Comelec’s ineptitude will cost the Filipino people P2 billion as Smartmatic now opt to collect the amount based on the “options to purchase” provision in their contract since the VCMs are now considered “sold” because of the failure to return the machines on time.

Bautista might be hurt with the canceled purchased?

Due to the behavior displayed by Bautista, it somewhat obvious that he is hurt by the canceled purchase option. This lead people into thinking that he might have some commissions there that he cannot take advantage off anymore. The man must not point fingers quickly because many of his fingers are pointing at him! He is protecting Smartmatic more than the people.

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  1. corruption is very rampant this days, we appreciate the good works of the president Duterte for being serious in fighting corruption. Not all figured head thinks of becoming rich, extend your helpfulness to the people, that’s your legacy for a man to being simple enough to manage the needs for the many. Please continue until the end of your term. The past Pres. like Ramos many corruption done like the pampanga mega dike, 2 billion centennial scam, Fort Bonifacio land sale, 50 billion GSIS scam, 25 billion SSS scam, many chinese kidnaped for ransom, this being published when Pres. Estrada is being impeached already through the efforts of Ramos,Macapagal,De Venecia,figured head of the military ang gov’t. Agencies.

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