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Cong. Baguilat Should Not Use Marcos Infrastructure If He Only Knew About The Bloody Martial Law He Did Not Cause


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Ifugao Congressman, Teddy Baguilat Jr., who joined the Supreme Court petition, was sour griping there would be little relief left against the late strongman. He claimed that: “The victims of the Marcos regime which are the entire nation, unless history is revised, are now left with little relief.” Then he proceeded in explaining his plan to revise history in textbooks – what a shame! We can only see how threatened he is with the upcoming Bongbong Marcos Presidency.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday praised the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos anew, saying he was thinking of copying the government programs for farmers and fishermen implemented during the strongman’s regime.

Baguilat Innocence

It is very sad that we have congressmen like Baguilat who does not know anything as far as the Marcos regime is concerned. He only has a big mouth saying what he believe without researching for the truth. It is unbelievable that he does not own an internet at home to at least search Google. That made him a laughing stock. Perhaps, he does not know how to use one or does not know how to discern false news from the real ones.

Duterte’s Knowledge

President Rodrigo Duterte never denied his knowledge about the Marcos burial. He was the one who gave the go signal. He just did not know the exact date of the event after giving the Marcoses a free hand in carrying out the wishes of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Teach the Youth?

Are these people like Baguilat not satisfied seeing students marching outside their schools chanting about things they know little about? Why is there a need to revise history? To block any Marcos like Bongbong Marcos to the Presidency?

Infrastructure, Livelihood and Agriculture Projects of Marcos

Does Baguilat know that most airports, roads and buildings he enjoyed today are Marcos’ contribution to the nation? How could the public accept a congressman like him? President Duterte is even copying the Masagana 99 and the fishery projects like the “Biyayang Dagat” of Marcos – because if these were continued, the Philippines will never have problems with livelihood and supply for daily sustenance.


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