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Cong. Marcoleta Divulges Enrile’s Plan on Marcos’ Election Protest

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By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by BANAT NEWS TV

Marcoleta: The rightful winner must be seated already!

Various Pleadings Delay Marcos’ Protest

Congressman Rodante Marcoleta is not only a vocal and brilliant solon but is a member of INC. He previously inquires where their votes for Bongbong Marcos went. He said that the ponente of Marcos’ election protest, Associate Justice Marvic Leonen already ran out of pleadings to delay the case. Therefore, he just submits motions without agenda. On the side, he overhears the former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile’s impeachment plan on Leonen.

No Agenda and For Decision Notation

In an election protest, when all pleadings are saturated, a notice for a decision with the details of the hearing must be set. However, Leonen fails to state when the ruling must be made. This drags the case even longer. There are times that the PET rules two weeks before the end of the term. That would not allow the rightful winner’s position take over. The election protest becomes useless.

Enrile Whispers Ground for Impeachment

Marcoleta mentioned overhearing the former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile to file an impeachment case against Leonen. His not promptly acting on the case is a ground for impeachment, he said. That might be the reason why the SALN issue of the magistrate was discovered. They are preparing for a possible removal of Leonen from the Supreme Court.

2 thoughts on “Cong. Marcoleta Divulges Enrile’s Plan on Marcos’ Election Protest

  1. Hope the Supreme Court acts as expected to review and decide all cases brought to them impartially and speedily for everybody I. fulfillment of their mandate. Cj exercise in securing your supervisory power over asso-justice leonen. He is sleeping on his job with open eyes just to please the liberal party

  2. BBM is d ReaL True VP..‼️

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