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Constitutional Wisdom: Renounce War as Instrument of National Policy

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Carpio, Jardeleza, and Hilbay were memners of the Filipino powerhouse that defended the Philippines’ case against China over the West Philippine Sea claim at the Hague. They also joined in the recent briefing of President Rodrigo Duterte to determine the president’s next move in a diplomatic way.

Carpio, as the most knowledgeable among the experts in connection to the constitutional mandate of the case, concluded that renouncing war as instrument of national policy is the constitution’s wisdom that enabled Philippines to win the case.

Jardeleza and Hilbay, however advised President Duterte to make use of the ruling as a legal basis for asserting the Philippines’ West Philippine Sea sovereignty supported by international laws under the United nations.So, it can be expected that the execution of the ruling will be dragged on for a longer period of time since China rejected it – but at least delayed the possibility of war as predicted against China. Delayed in the sense that sooner or later, China, the United States or even the Philippines can run out of patience with the ongoing territorial clashes among Chinese coast guards and Filipino fishermen – that would soon become human rights violations against China or the Philippine administration if it will not do anything to protect its citizens making their living in the disputed fishing ground.


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