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Content Curation is Indeed Powerful

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Trends Dashboard
YouTube Trends Dashboard (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

It’s great to have original contents for your website – but sometimes you can run out of good materials. It is prohibited to copy from other websites but it is legally acceptable to curate articles and videos for quality contents. So, what is content curation? It is republishing a material with proper endorsement and attribution. To do this, it is best to compose an introduction about what the material is all about and add a summary at the end to conclude or recommend the topic discussed. See it’s power in this video:

Power of Curation for High Quality Content

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The fact that republishing popular contents are favoured by Google, that would already be a winning stint for the performance of your website. It would inherit not only the most searched material but also the traffic of the original source. Just don’t forget to give credit to the owner of the article or video  that you shared and you will surely be happy with the outcome. If you would like to save time and efforts in  creating new contents, go for content curation and enjoy the privilege of being ranked in Google’s top pages.

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