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Contradicting Survey Reactions at Robredo’s Camp after the Recent Plunge


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Pulse Asia survey does not yet capture rally support surge — Robredo’s camp.

Survey Does Matter

VP Leni Robredo said that she’s unfazed by surveys after plunging down another point. Making the gap from the Presidential bet on the lead, Bongbong Marcos wider. However, her spokesperson, Barry Guttierez admits that they are hopeful that they would do better after their alleged Northern propaganda.

Debunking No Solid North for BBM Failed

Robredo’s event organizers really exert lots of efforts in transporting people from town to town to make them appear that they have snowballing support during their sortes in the North. However, bloggers are quick to denounce this. Like a snow ball, their claims immediately melt as per the new survey results. Exaggerating the number of attendees just didn’t work well for them. Their estimates are normally three times higher than the venue capacities.

Banking on the President’s Endorsement

Robredo did not become the most hated VP of President Rodrigo Duterte for nothing. The President just said that a lawyer would make a good president. Even if Robredo is the only lawyer among the presidential aspirants, there’s no way that President Duterte would endorse her. The Filipino leader tried so hard to not return the power to the Dilawans. It’s the same for the Pinklawan. Even if they change colors. Their hearts are still yellow; full of hatred. They only propagate lies and these affect the surveys.

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