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Contrary to Yellow Media: Bongbong Marcos Withdraws All Pending and Future Motions for Immediate Recount


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

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Immediately after the PET announces the gag order to both camps, the yellow media is quick to publish that the PET notes that Bongbong  Marcos did not file a motion to withdraw all pending motions that can hamper the upcoming recount date. The tribunal allegedly inquires if he intends to file a similar motion to withdraw all pending motions. Earlier, Marcos’ lawyer and spokesperson Vic Rodriguez said that they have filed a joint manifestation. Not a motion because they intend to withdraw not just the existing motions but also the upcoming ones. That is why they did not go for a similar motion as Vice President Leni Robredo. This does not mean that they did not withdraw.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: The camp of Vice President Leni Robredo on Wednesday signed a joint motion to withdraw any and all pending motions before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal in relation to the poll protest of former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Sub Judice Rule

The Supreme Court (SC) orders the camps of Robredo and Marcos Jr. to observe the sub judice rule. This is of relevance to the ongoing vice presidential electoral protest. The sub judice rule prohibits parties in a case and their lawyers from making comments and disclosures concerning ongoing judicial proceedings to avoid preempting the issue, influencing the court, or obstructing the administration of justice.

Reminder and Clarification

The PET issues the sub judice rule reminder a week after both the Marcos and Robredo camps publicly criticize each other over the delay in the electoral protest. The Marcos camp produces a “joint manifestation” signed by Marcos himself. The Robredo camp produces a “joint motion” signed by Macalintal. Both camps refused to sign the other’s document. They have different strategies but both withdraw pending motions. Only Marcos prevents future motions in that case.

Gag  Order Effect

Since both camps cannot give interviews anymore to clarify their actions as far as the protest is concerned, the media supporters of both camps can only rely on evidence. To be credible on the subject, side comments like “the PET asks Marcos to inform the tribunal if he intends to file a similar motion to withdraw all pending motions” won’t. Logical reporting on this matter is crucial to avoid misleading the public.

Motions Not Necessary

On the same note, the pro-LP media discloses that the Vice President’s camp formally files a motion before the PET. This is to withdraw any motions that could potentially delay the electoral protest. But they claimed that in the same February 13 resolution, the PET ruled that Robredo camp has not filed any motions that could or would delay the ballot recount process. In fact, both camps do not have motions that can delay the protest. Therefore such processes are not necessary. Truly just playing with the minds of the electorate.

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