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Corruption Allegations are Effective Propaganda against Marcos and Binay but they can Never be Convicted!


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Corruption allegations against the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos started in the 1970’s when he was about to run for the second term. The Yamashita Treasure Myth is even one of them with the alleged finder Rogelio Roxas sued Marcos in 1988 for allegedly ordering on April 5, 1971, retrieving the “Golden Buddha,” containing diamonds and jewels, from his house in Aurora Hill. Certain blogs were saying that the late strongman was ordered to pay damages by a court in the US but it was never confirmed by verified sources r even mainstream media in America.

Youtube video by; ralph que
[VIDEO]: They look upon us with full respect. Be Proud Because Once upon a time they called us “The Tiger Of Asia” Pres.Ferdinand E. Marcos & United States President Lyndon B Johnson at Manila Summit Conference with other Six Nation’s Leaders.

The Philippines was already the Tiger Economy of Asia during Marcos’ Time

Robert Sison, Mrs. Marcos’ lawyer refers to the Marcos wealth as being “confiscated” rather than recovered by the commission, insisting there is no legal basis to take any of the assets. “The Philippine government has no right to question why Mrs. Marcos had this art,” Mr, Sison said. “Ferdinand Marcos was a gold trader before he became president, and he made his money then.” Mr. Sison also pointed out that, despite numerous cases being filed against the family, no-one has been successfully prosecuted.

Contrary to Rappler’s Propaganda

Rappler says in the linked mentioned below that:  Drawing on the available evidence, the economic disaster that began in the late 1970s and ultimately helped to end the Marcos dictatorship in 1986 is one glaring example of what a man-made disaster looks like. At the time, the country’s top economists, the majority of the business community, the perhaps the millions of Filipinos voting with their feet to leave the country, and indeed the international community all recognized the role of the Marcos dictatorship in the disaster that would ensue.

Media Picks up the “Thief” Accusations of Roxas on Binay

Roxas is noted to call former Vice President Jejomar Binay as “magnanakaw” or thief. This is because no matter what he does, he can never beat Binay in presidential surveys. It really worked with Binay only garnering around 6 million votes during the last elections.

Robredo is Fond of calling Bongbong Marcos  a “Thief”

Vice President Leni Robredo’s obsession in calling Bongbong Marcos a thief really gets her when Duterte introduced Bongbong Marcos in China as the possible new Vice President if he wins the electoral protest. She is holding tight to the V.P. seat being so afraid that Marcos would steal it. The time has evolved but despite the many years that passed, the Liberal Party still holds on to their ultimate weapon, the media propaganda. Sad to say that it is getting less effective now because of social media. The fact that there were never any convictions against the late Marcos and Binay, the Liberal Party is now busted in bringing the economy down by spreading false rumors!


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