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Corruption in the Ring: Pacquiao-Horn Fight Gives a Bad Name to Boxing


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Teddy Atlas who has been on the field for 45 years concludes that boxing is a corrupt sport. He said that Jeff Horn displays great qualities as a budding boxer during the fight with Manny Pacquiao except his victory. Pacquiao is clearly robbed of the win. The new Welterweight title holder gets a lot of criticisms.

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[VIDEOS]: Teddy Atlas speaks of his disappointment that Jeff Horn wins over Manny Pacquiao on the first video and Manny Pacquiao’s humble interview after the fight on the second video.

Great Robbery Fight

It is still a great fight not because it is fair but because there was drama. A 38-year old teacher who dreams of winning against the great Pacquiao proves that dreams can come true. Even if it is in the form of a highway robbery. Horn gets $ 500,000 against his opponent $10 M

Incompetent Referee

Pacquiao understands the style of Horn but speaks strongly against the referee. Elbow contacts, head bang, and embraces could have been interfered by the referee but nothing was done. Figures don’t lie. 182 of Paquiao’s punches connected compared to 92 of Horn’s.

Trophy for Trying Hard

Atlas said to Horn to his face that he lost the fight to Pacquiao in Brisbane. He added that one gets the trophy for winning and not for trying. Horn respected his opinion but claims that he felt that on the 9th round, he was really winning.


Manny Pacquiao did not expect that Horn can survive all throughout. He intends to knock him out on the 9th round but he survived. Pacquiao admits that Horn is a tough guy but what’s really unexpected was his victory. As most experts say, it’s definitely a bad decision. People’s confirmation of Pacquiao’s evaluation that he is the right winner of the fight is good enough for him. He just wishes that boxing will not get a bad name out of this robbery fight.

13 thoughts on “Corruption in the Ring: Pacquiao-Horn Fight Gives a Bad Name to Boxing

  1. Paquiao and horn match, The worst fight ever in boxing history
    The referee’s biassed calls in favor to horn gives a bad impact of winning the title
    Everyone knows who’s the real winner, who’s the real champion and it’s the boxing icon and the peoples champ Manny “Pacman” Paquiao

  2. Manny won. But those teferre already its not a good decision. Let the real winner get the prize.

  3. I suppose not to wait the announcement of the decision, coz I know that Horn has no chance for the victory… but I still wait to see the people to cheer the Victory of Manny…it shocking! for it announced a diffirent from what we see and know..

  4. rematch is the best…..

  5. Its a big shame for boxing

  6. What is decently being called for now is a review of video footages and make a decent count…but do you think the “almighty Australian boxing officers” will even consider it?

  7. R3match….. please,,,,,,,,

  8. R3match….. please,,,,,,,,

    ……. manny ,,,,, stay strong and fighting

  9. I was disappointed with the result of paquiao- horn boxing fight yesterday in Australia.. it was a wrong decission indeed.. I am eager to have a rematch to know who is really deserving to the title

    1. A victory without glory…. Shameful decision. Mabuhay ka Pacquiao….shame on you Horn. It’s a fight between Manny against Horn, Referee and 3 Judges. 1 vs 5.

  10. The referee and the judge should be be strip out of their position as referee and judge. The referee don’t know what is meant by referee or don’t know the work of a referee inside a boxing ring.


  11. Horn is a dirty boxer, Pacquiao did the real boxing!! A very dirty fight how could the referee did not punish Horn for the head banging, elbow contact and embracing, obviously he should have a minus points for those or should have stopped the fight for a foul play, but it was very clear what the referee said to horn that he will help him, win the game? by purposely not noticing those faults? I agree what others say that it was a Dirty Boxing, Corruption in boxing and a highway robbery!! What a big discrimination in here!! shame on you judges and referee. Manny is still the winner by people’s decision.

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