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Could America Put Bongbong Marcos on Exile Again?

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

by Tune In Kay Tunying

Can America Put Bongbong Marcos in Prison?
Bongbong Marcos admits that there are rumors that the US will put him in prison if he runs for President. However, there’s no criminal case on his side that can put him on such position. He’s actually not banned to enter the US. It’s just the complication that discourages him to do so. Therefore, his family prefers to do their business in England instead. Like his children’s education.

Not Banned in America

Around 2005 was the last time Bongbong Marcos set foot in America. He said it’s very complicated to get a visa in the US. He has to get permission to enter because of the many cases of his family. But to clarify, he’s not banned to enter the country.

Sandro Marcos as Congressman

His son, Sandro may also run for Congressman in 2022. This is for the first district of Ilocos Norte. The father is very confident to say that he’s very qualified with his Masters Degree in Developmental Economics. Truly, the pro-Marcos Americans would really find it hard to interfere in the local affairs next elections. With Sandro’s charm, most Filipinos would surely defend them in any way they can.

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