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Create a Website for Usabiity not Tags to Realize SEO

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Various tricks can be observed in social media that are done by people who are desperate to optimize search engines for getting into the top pages of Google. These are the so-called “spammers” in the sense that they voluntarily mislead the readers just to get what they want. If only the best practices for SEO are followed, no need to invent things. Watch this:

SEO Best Practices

Posted at Youtube by: Wil Reynolds

This video was posted even before the launching of the Hummingbird Google Algorithm – but if the best practices mentioned are followed, there’s no reason why your pages or websites can’t have higher page ranks. If a page is created based on it’s purpose in line with the materials used, SEO wil not be a problem at all. Don’t make it hard on yourself. Just be an honest and dedicated publisher!

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