October 8, 2013


SUBJECT: Ms. Liberty B. Canastra’s Request for a Certification on the Proposed Construction.

This is to let all the members of the Board of Directors know that Ms. Liberty B. Canastra, owner of the property located at Blk 1 Lot 1 Aguilar Aguilar Casimiro Village III, Las Pinas wants to be certified by our CV3HAI Homeowners Association that we allow the construction of a 3 Storey Commercial Building with Roofdeck right at the left front corner of the village entrance. This is for her to comply with the pre-requirements for Building/Fencing Permit imposed by the local government.

The project can be beneficial for the homeowners since they are planning to rent the commercial spaces out to distinguished businesses like banks. However, we have set the following conditions for them to be guided in minimizing the inconvenience of the homeowners during and after construction.

The Right of Way must be cleared from any obstruction at all times.

Safety Measures must be installed during construction to avoid accidents in any form.

The visible part of the project before, during and after construction must be kept clean, neat and presentable in line with future improvements of the village entrance.

The Certification will be issued only after payment of 3,000 Pesos

Monthly dues of 1,000 Pesos will be collected every 1st week of the month for the succeeding months.

Please affix your signature below if you do not have any objection for immediate implementation after consensus is attained.

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