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De Lima gained allies vs drug war of Philippine President from CNN Breaking News

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Despite the fear that the Duterte administration has instilled to Filipinos, a brave lady senator stood up against him even if he went below the belt in maligning her character. Senator Leila de Lima said No to killings in any kind. Her words during the CNN Breaking News with Christiane Amanpour were: “How can anyone say that there are no extrajudicial killings? We have no more than 2,000 dead bodies, dead persons in the name of the so-called war,” De Lima said in a separate interview with Amanpour.

While she understands the magnitude of the country’s drug menace, De Lima earlier said, “we cannot wage the war against drugs with blood” as seen through CNN Breaking News.

The senator was the previous Justice secretary and all the Philippine President can do is to spread rumors of her edited sex video and alleged affair with her driver.

Senator de Lima was confident despite the President’s attacks: “I know what the truth is and the truth is on my side,” De Lima told Amanpour.

De Lima suggested to intensify the campaign against illegal drugs but “with the least number of killings or without.”

“Yes there are still a lot to fix in our criminal justice system so let’s fix it. Let’s fix the law enforcement, let’s make it more efficient,” she explained.

De Lima knows that law enforcers should be trained and there’s a need for more prosecutors. “There should be no shortcuts in trying to achieve law and order in our society;” as per CNN News. Certainly, de Lima’s principles are in line with the international bodies who witnessed how Duterte’s strategy failed before.



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