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De Lima’s Character Assassination did not work in Court


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The House would leave it up to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Ombudsman to file charges against De Lima for her role in abetting illegal drugs. Members of the house minority voted against De Lima’s prosecution.

[VIDEO]: Watch the humiliating experience of Senator Leila De Lima during the Senate Probe but evidences cannot stand in court accusing her as “Mother of all Drug Lords”. House won’t recommend charges against her.

Ombudsman: Hearsays cannot stand in Court

The Office of the Ombudsman is not likely to initiate its own investigation of Senator Leila De Lima in light of a lack of firm leads. Everything are just allegations; she said. Nothing concrete that could stand in court. The evidences are just hearsays.

Evidences are just testimonies that can be false

  • De Lima was accused of receiving payoffs from convicted drug lords in the New Bilibid prison.
  • De Lima was paid millions of pesos as bribe to carry on with the illegal drug trade in Bilibid.
  • All the inmates except Sebastian claimed that a fund-raising activity transpired within the jail from 2012 to 2015 to finance her senatorial bid in 2016.

Mother of all Drug Lords?

What happen to the “mother of all drug lords” tag? If she really is, then it should not be hard to get a concrete evidence against her.

Will Duterte say Sorry?

The President made a lot of mistakes already in his shaming alleged drug criminals. He might be wrong again when it comes to De Lima. Hopefully, he is man enough to say sorry – even if he cannot bring back De Lima’s reputation anymore.

What will happen to the Sex Videos?

Now, President Duterte can watch them over and over again – and convince himself once more that the woman in the video is really De Lima. They are obviously fake.

What prompted the President to connive with De Lima’s Character Assassination?

Could it be true that the President had no choice but to destroy De Lima’s reputation – so that the people will not believe her in the Extra Judicial Killings Probe involving him? Now that both probes are not halted, maybe they can move forward and work together?

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