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Democracy Rises: Leni Robredo Knows that Her Days are Numbered as Vice President


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo may not be able to hide her utmost worry that like Supreme Court CJ, she is soon be ousted from her post but she can never refrain from lying. She calls for the support of the public to counter-act the decision against Sereno. It is clear in the constitution that an impeachable officer may be removed through an impeachment trial but not limited to it, contrary to her speech. However, democracy prevails. Majority of the justices voted against her ally. So, the ruling must be followed. The same as she has to vacate the OVP to give way to the real winner of the 2016 VP race.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: VP Robredo speaks after Sereno is ousted as chief justice

Democracy at the Supreme Court

Various anomalies are found during the recount. Since two years ago, Bongbong Marcos faces many injustices brought about by the Supreme Court rulings by the magistrates that are loyal to the opposition. At the present time, their pro-administration counterparts showed their force by ousting their Chief Justice.

Desperate Fight

In a speech, Robredo vows that the fight is not yet over. She slams the decision of the Supreme Court to oust Chief Justice Sereno. She said that it is a move which she tarnishes the country’s Constitution. The VP also said that she is concerned with the landmark ruling of the high court. She stresses that the only means to remove an impeachable officer such as Sereno was through impeachment. This is not true according to Solicitor General Jose Calida.

Calida’s Justification

Calida said that the Supreme Court’s decision to oust Sereno “augurs well for the country as it preserves the stability and integrity of the Judiciary.” “This decision is the epitome of its exercise of judicial independence,” Calida said in a statement on May 11.  This is just after the SC en banc decided to oust Sereno by a tight vote of 8-6.

Robredo’s Fear is Real

The restless Vice President knows that she is the next one to be removed from office. It is just a matter of time. Judging from the events that unfold, the pattern now reaches the time when an immediate verdict is on its way. If so, the proclamation of Robredo’s rival, Bongbong Marcos is likely to happen very soon. She should have listened to former Vice President Jejomar Binay’s advice in the past. Now, it’s too late to save her face.

Supreme Court Battle Ends: With CJ Sereno Out, Bongbong Marcos is In as VP

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