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Democracy Threat?: Atty. Gadon Explains why Maria Ressa is a Criminal

By: Elena Grace Flores

Notable lawyer and senatorial candidate, Larry Gadon denies Maria Ressa’s claim of possible democracy threat by the government. This is after her arrest upon arriving at the Manila airport. According to PNP spokesman Col. Bernard Banac, the police did not violate regulations. Members of the Pasig City police subpoena section presents the arrests warrant to her upon her arrival at the NAIA from the US. Her violation of the Anti-Dummy Law leads to the PNP’s move. Therefore, Atty. Gadon concludes; She is a criminal because of such a crime. Nothing to do with democracy at all contrary to her claim. Just a sign of stupidity, the swearing Attorney added.

YouTube video byGising Pinoy

[VIDEO]: Atty Larry Gadon Maybanat kay Maria Ressa

Not a Democracy Threat but a Mere Act of Stupidity

Atty. Gadon explains that the Anti-Dummy Law exists to protect the citizens from some foreigners’ manipulation activities. However, Ressa is found to accept investments from foreign entities to fund her media company. Not to mention the confusion of her own nationality. Gadon, however, gives her the benefit of the doubt that she may not be aware of the law. It’s because she is not that deep. She can only speak English fluently but her understanding of the country’s issues is very slim, criticizes Gadon.

Nothing to Do with Journalists

On the other hand, the presumptive Vice President, Leni Robredo said that the second arrest of Ressa looks like a “warning” for journalists who criticize the administration. Robredo also gets the reputation of being “stupid” in social media. Many of her speeches details that do not tally. Even the simple computation that pertains to the price of rice. She often cries foul over the alleged fake news against her by the supporters of her arch-rival, Bongbong Marcos. She still faces an electoral protest by him that is pending for decision.

Impartial Press Coverage is also Misleading

Ressa’s publication is known to contain news against the administration. It also targets Gov. Imee Marcos recently who runs as Senator for the May 13, 2019 elections. Marcos is one of the main supporters of the President during the Election 2016. In fact, the Filipino leader pledges the Presidency to her brother should he steps down. This can only happen when the younger Marcos wins the recount for the Vice Presidency.

Media Connivance with the Opposition

Robredo’s behavior of protecting Ressa despite her knowledge of the law is a confirmation of their connivance to mislead the public. She is seen giving incorrect data just to cloud the good efforts of President Du30 like the drug war. The questionable VP is often a laughing stock in Facebook.

Gadon’s Public Role

The tough-speaking lawyer obviously attracts followers because of his brutally frank nature. He speaks with conviction using the Filipino language. This captivates the Filipino masses. His “I do not like stupid people” slogan or “Ayaw ko sa bobo” is now quite famous online. Therefore, Ressa should get her act together not to give journalists a bad name. Perhaps, she can help reserve democracy by not being bias after all.

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