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Destabilization Scare Won’t Cease Until Bongbong Marcos Wins Election Protest Against Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo as always denies destabilization allegation and calls it “baseless.” The alleged conspiracy by the “yellows” to destabilize the administration of President Du30 as Mayor Sara Du30 refers to as real as terrorism leads the President into issuing an ultimatum to initiate a “revolutionary government.” It’s the same as what the late Corazon Aquino did. This has irked the LP leader and accuses Du30 again of instilling fear among the people. There are two scenarios why this is so. One, her fellow government critic, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV goes out of his way to have a meeting with an anti-drug war counterpart in the US. The recount on the election protest that might make Bongbong Marcos the new VP soon is about to happen, secondly.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Umalma si VP Robredo sa pagdawit sa Liberal Party sa umano’y destabilization plot laban sa gobyerno.

Expected Reaction

Robredo, who also chairs the former ruling party, the Liberal Party assures President Du30 by saying this; “when we criticize, it does not mean we want the government not to succeed.” Her remarks came after Du30 threatens to form a “revolutionary government” as he addresses the LP on TV telling them this; if ever “your destabilization is worsening and it is becoming chaotic.”

Revolutionary Government

Du30 said that this “revolutionary government” would be similar to what President Corazon Aquino created shortly after the People Power Revolution in February 1986. He said that the “yellows and reds,” referring to the pro-Aquino and left-wing groups, should just unite since they shared “the same ideological whatever” of wanting to “kick me out” of office.

Not Rumors but Intelligence Reports

Presidential daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Du30, claims that “the threat of destabilization is as real as terrorism” if alleged intelligence reports were to go by. She also denies that her father was just being paranoid. On the other hand, anti-admin Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano maintains that “the destabilization narrative is only a fruit of their imagination.”

Words from the DFA Secretary on Trillanes

DFA Secretary, Alan Peter Cayetano said; “I worked with Senator Trillanes in the past and you know my respect to the Senate as an institution. All I can say is, although it’s a free world, it doesn’t help the country where there’s misinformation, disinformation, especially false information” “Even when I was a staunch critic of some presidents, I’ve never gone abroad to ask for help to topple them,” he said. He added that he requested a meeting with Rubio, but the Senator is still not available. Cayetano was also a VP contender and running mate of the President. However, he and his campaigners are already open to Bongbong Marcos’ possible victory against Robredo. They are convinced that Marcos as VP would stop destabilization efforts.

Trillanes seeking US help to topple gov’t—Cayetano

Robredo: ‘Revolutionary gov’t’ threat stokes fear among the people

3 thoughts on “Destabilization Scare Won’t Cease Until Bongbong Marcos Wins Election Protest Against Robredo

  1. Revolutionary government is not a threat to the Filipino people but to you and your yellowtards comrades!!!!!!

  2. yes Fake VP Leni until u are Out as a Fake VP Our belove Philippines would be a better place to live nd the Change would continue!!You should set aside ur Ambition coz u have no Clue in Running even just a small Community!!We the Filipino people are willing to die to Protect Our Duly Elected President Duterte!!You the Crooks in the government The LP yellow shites are the Pest that has been living since 1986 causes severe Damage to our society and our motherland!!Shabu laboratories Sprouted everywhere including your hometown!!and Ninoy Aquino’s place in Tarlac!!u combined force Drug cartels,narcopoliticians,police scalawags,Oligarchs who has been Evaded the Taxes that are due for them to pay for Decades!!Illegal miners billionaires that affected the new administration!!We the people who are here to fully support our President Wont let you Win your Evil plan!!You cannot Fool US anymore!!CBCP CHR are with you but Nope!!we wont let your Evil Plans succeed!!we will die Protecting Our President!!never againto the Yellows that you belong!!we have waited for so long for a president who cares for the Poor!!!you fake VP Leni Robredo!!!you piss off!!!!

  3. Hangga’t d nakaka upo c BBM as vp these yellows will not stop to oust Pres. Duterte

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