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Did Imelda Marcos Claim to Save Ninoy Aquino from Assassination or Not?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Juan Estoryador
[VIDEO]: The secret of Ninoy Aquino’s death

Imelda Marcos’ Claim

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos was the one who saved Ninoy Aquino from execution over his sedition case. Her claim was confirmed by Aquino himself. He thanked her for helping him be treated in the US instead of the Heart Center.

News Propaganda

It was in the international news that Mrs. Marcos warned Aquino not to come back to the Philippines after his operation because his life is in danger at the hands of the Marcos loyalists. Marcos disputed this claim. Saying that it’s all news propaganda by their detractors. Although she did try to convince him not to go back at that time. But it has nothing to do with their supporters.

The Good-Hearted One

The mother of the president-elect Bongbong Marcos is really the good-hearted one. Aquino wanted to die a hero by returning despite his limited life due to heart problems. She tried to stop him to save his life. But his widow at that time, Cory Aquino did not allow the late President Ferdinand Marcos to return to explain about the alleged hidden wealth.

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