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Did Marcos Steal Money from the Country’s Coffer? Do the Math!


By: Elena Grace Flores

Marcos Spent More Money than the Country’s Funds
The total government for 20 years of Marcos was only 24 billion dollars only. And owes 28 billion dollars. But spent 100 billion dollars on infrastructure projects. Clearly, he did not amass any funds from the government. The question is, where did he get the additional money to fund his great projects? All for the people. So, watch out for the black propaganda and false accusations. They are meant to discredit his son who would continue his vision for the country.

Well Documented Wealth

986 cases were filed by the late President Cory Aquino and her son against Marcos. But to no avail. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos has all the documents of the wealth. They are intact and the money is in fact earning interests. Although the Congress must facilitate its return.

Propaganda on False Accusation

People should do the Math upon hearing such black propaganda and false accusations. Bongbong Marcos is set to be President. The Dilawans cannot handle that. Just because it would hurt their financial standings. They never care about the Filipino masses. All they want is to take revenge against the son of the greatest president the Philippines ever had.

1 thought on “Did Marcos Steal Money from the Country’s Coffer? Do the Math!

  1. From the start..we all knew about all those propagandas of anti government.. inspired by some foreign nationals who have interest in Marcos gold and the country’s resources which they knew are rich in gold. rubber..precious stones in Romblon..etc..
    Whatever they claim bad abt Marcoses will only bounced back to them because they are the real theft and dictator not Marcos

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